Nokia N95 8GB North American Edition to be announced at 3GSM?

n958gbnam.jpgIs the Nokia N95 8GB going to get the USA treatment? Looks like Mobile City Online is offering the 8GB for preorder with a ship date of February 15, 2008. I strongly recommend American’s buy the current N95-3 and an 8GB microSD card instead of this model, but who am I kidding, the 8GB is going to sell like hot cakes. The larger screen is nice and at times I do regret the day I had to send my review unit back. I’m definitley not watching as much video on the go as I used to. Anyway, thanks for the tip Mr. X.

Yes I know 3GSM is now called Mobile World Congress, but I hate the new name.

  • MicahH

    Your’re right, they’ll jack up the price for having an internal 8GB card. Who needs that when the N95-3 will do just fine.

  • Enrique De Los Rios

    I have N95-3. I looked at MobileCity website and it seems the N95 8GB US NAM does not come with 3G. Or am I wrong? Stefan is right. Why should I upgrade? Besides a larger screen, what does the USNAM have that the N95-3 does not?

  • Stefan Constantinescu

    larger battery, twice the RAM, lack of lens protection, lack of removable memory.

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