Rumor: Next-gen Apple Newton is a bigger iPhone

Apple Newton may be a bigger Apple iPhoneApple would do well to bring back the cult/niche-classic PDA from years-past. The Apple Newton in modern form would be a great mobile computer indeed. With widespread rumors that Apple is working to bring back the Apple Newton, we’re hearing whispers that the new Newton will essentially be a much bigger iPhone. Ok, this isn’t really a mobile phone, but it is within the realm of mobile.

The new Apple Newton may likely sport a 5.2 inch (presumably multi-touch) display that is designed to be “gripped with one hand on each side similar to a Sony PSP.” Apparently, Apple’s shown interest in a 5.2-inch, 800 x 480 resolution, display from Balda (rumored to be the iPhone’s muti-touch display supplier). The device is reportedly slated to ship in 2H 2008.

We already know that Apple is working to use Intel’s Silverthorne processor in it’s next-gen device for 2008. If the next-gen Apple Newton shows up with Intel’s Silverthorne chip, a 5.2 inch multi-touch display, and Mac OSX Leopard, we’ll be jumping on that bandwagon in no time flat. Stay tuned, we may have more on this at MacWorld Expo.

[Via: Computerworld]

  • Mike S.

    … on “its” website (“it’s” means “it is”) …

  • JLT

    Hey, I really liked the Newton. It was my first PDA, but that’s the thing. It’s a PDA. When was the last time you put away your smartphone and said “This looks like a job for my PDA”? Just let the Dinosaur die, If anything, I could see Apple introducing a multi-touch macbook tablet and just slap the Newton name on it to stop all of your incessant whining.

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