iPhone firmware 1.1.3 to include Copy/Paste functionality?

iPhone firmware 1.1.3 to include Copy/Paste functionality?We’ve already wrote that the new iPhone firmware is coming. Heck we’ve even see the video demoing all — or some of — the new features. But apparently, there’s more coming…

According to MacScoop, Jobs&Co will unveil the new iPhone firmware during this year’s MacWorld Expo. The reports obtained claim the software update will among other things add Copy/Paste, which is one of the most requested features by iPhone users…

As always Apple is quiet until the launch day and we can only pray there’s some truth in the reports. Now, Steve add the proper Bluetooth support, and I’m all yours. 😉

[Via: gadgetsonthego.net]

  • iphone112

    Good, lets pray it’s all real and this update will be an amazing one for the Iphone, sales will go up for Apple 😛

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