Turn your WiFi-enabled Windows Mobile smartphone into a GPRS/UMTS/HSPA wireless router

If you’re paying for unlimited data through your carrier’s data network, shouldn’t you be able to use that data package on more than one phone? Why get an unlimited data package for each and every Windows Mobile smartphone in your collection?

WMWifiRouter is a new application for Windows Mobile 6 (possibly 5) that lets you share your WiFi-enabled smartphone’s data GPRS/UMTS/HSPA data connection over that delicious WiFi connection. As long as your other smartphones have WiFi connectivity, you can essentially use WMWifiRouter to turn one handset into a wireless router, and then log into that handset via WiFi to surf the unlimited data network to your heart’s content.

Grab WMWifiRouter here.

[Via: Smartphone Thoughts]

  • MicahH

    Wow, it’s a great idea. Some carrier is going to be very angry about their idea to give unlimited data plans. 😈

  • James

    Will this work on a HTC Touch on a CDMA network??

  • Jims Server

    hmm, the few “unlimited” contracts I’ve looked at specifically disallow this. In fact, they disallow most anything but “normal internet usage” … which for me would include quite a bit, but to them means just simple web surfing.

  • Jake

    Would this mean that if you have a Cdma evdo phone and an iPod Touch you could surf the web with the Touch using the signal from a Verizon phone?

  • Zac

    While this works (and works with the iPod Touch too), it drains your battery like crazy. Even with the WiFi settings on battery save mode it still lasts 30 minutes. It sucks the battery so fast that with a phone fully charged, and plugged in, the battery will still die. I’m looking for an alternative to WMWiFiRouter, please post if you find one.

    Oh yeah, it makes you use a 24 character HEX password. Typing it on your other WM/iPod Touch is horible.


  • Patti

    I leave my phone plugged in all the time to run this. It is a godsend since I don’t have high speed in my area. It is very fast and the best is. My data usage does not go up. Essentially I have high speed internet. I have 3 laptops running off it. It is amazing. Well worth the $20

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