LG KE850 Prada to be released in Silver with new on-screen keyboard – Silver LG Prada headed to Europe

LG KE850 Prada silver with on screen keyboard coming to EuropeWe know those fashion-snobs over at Prada are all about Black, but come on, some people want a little more spice in their mobile phone color-scheme. LG has come to the rescue with their announcement that the LG KE850 Prada phone will be released in a new Silver color. It’s not like the Black LG Prada was an ugly-duckling or anything, but an all-Black handset can get a little boring. We’re glad LG decided to bring a Silver-clad version to market.

But, it doesn’t end there. The touchscreen-only device will be getting updated with a new on-screen keyboard that should alleviate all those T9-induced thumb-injuries. iPhone-haters will be happy to hear that they’ll be able to enjoy (almost) the same on-screen keyboarding goodness, that iPhone owners take for granted, on their iPhone-fighting LG Prada – with a glorious “Prada” label to boot.

LG will be bringing the Silver LG Prada to 18 lucky EU countries – including UK, France, Germany, Spain and Italy – later this month.

[Via: Akihabara News]

  • bazza

    So anyone that buys an iphone alternative is a hater? hmm…ok

    Nice they finally saw fir to include a qwerty keyboard, i hope a firmware update for the black prada is in order.

  • Dianna

    I contacted LG because I had purchased this silver edition. It doesnt come with a qwerty keyboard. They are saying all these websites that are featuring this option is wrong.

  • Raidium

    It has an on screen qwerty keyboard. That means it’s all touchscreen based, not a physical one.

  • Kenny

    I can confirm that new silver PRADA does have qwerty keyboard! I am using it now 😉

  • Raidium

    Well see there u go. Physical qwerty keyboard. Maybe Dianna forgot to slider it. lol.

  • Kenny

    Not a physical keyboard, only a virtual keyboard! Why you need a physical keyboard in a touch screen phone?

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