Hands-on demo of Celio’s REDFLY Mobile Companion

You may love it, you may hate it, but that isn’t going to keep Celio from pushing their Palm Foleo-like REDFLY Mobile Companion to Windows Mobile 5/6 smartphone users around the world.

Check out this little hands-on demo of the Celio REDFLY with Celio CEO Kirt Bailey. Props to Smartphone Thoughts for the vid.

[Via: Smartphone Thoughts]

  • Stefan Constantinescu

    That is unbelievably bad ass, makes me seriously reconsider WM.

  • newtype2011

    While it is rather neat what they have managed to do, I highly doubt this type of product will catch on beyond the most ardent WM users; there really isn’t a market or need for such a device. As I stated before, when does one use this? On a plane? At the office? At home? All of those points of utilization offer enough space to use a full-sized laptop with far more robust features. WM is supposed to be mobile and there is nothing “mobile” about this thing –

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