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Hello one and all, and Thanks Will for such a great introduction!

It’s truly a privilege to be joining the IntoMobile team, and I am very much looking forward to contributing over the coming year. The sorts of areas you will find me covering are those such as Mobile TV, Convergence, Content/Applications, and finally (last but not least), the UK Market.

As Will notes in his introduction, I split my time between all things Mobile, and being a (new) Father – so expect a different perspective from me on devices and services, as I look for those that deliver expediency and genuine usefulness to our lives.

Once again, it’s great to be on the team – and roll on 2008!

  • Meatloaf

    I’m looking forward to reading your content!

  • MicahH

    This sounds good. I’ve got one on the way as well, so it’ll be fun to see that side of mobile phones.

  • mohi

    Hi Ben,

    wel come…. into mobile is the part of my daily life as i visit the site at least minimum five times a day.
    i really very much enjoy contents of dusan, Will & Stefan. Hope into mobile will be now more exciting.
    all the best wishes for the new member…

    from Bangladesh

  • martyn britton

    yes :mrgreen: this is just awesem 😛 a UK editor on intomobile

    great stuff, i be reading all your posts ben 🙂


  • Ben Robinson

    Hey Meatloaf, MicahH, Mohi, and Martyn,

    Thanks for your warm welcomes and compliments!

    Ben 🙂

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