The Toshiba monoblock G710, clamshell G910 and phone on a stick G450 reveal themselves

The Toshiba G710 is your typical monoblock with a QWERTY keyboard business phone. It runs Windows Mobile 6 standard, has a 2 megapixel camera, 2.46 inch QVGA display with 65,000 colors, GPS, quadband EDGE/GSM, weighs 120 grams and comes in at around 300 Euros this March.


The G910 isn’t anything new to us, we’ve seen the FCC leak, but just to reiterate the specifications: 800×480 screen, Windows Mobile 6 Professional, triband GSM/EDGE, 2100 MHz HSDPA, GPS, 2 megapixel camera, nearly 20 mm thick and with a weight of 145 grams this 600 Euro baby is expected in April.


This next one is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. Apparently the primary purpose of the G450 is as a USB HSDPA mode, but it has a full T9 keypad for making phone calls and even banging out text messages. For 200 Euros in March you’re going to get a 2100 MHz HSDPA, triband EDGE/GSM, 96×39 pixel OLED screen device that defies categorization. Nice to see Toshiba innovating with this model, but I can’t help but wonder why someone wouldn’t just connect their existing device to their laptop via USB?


[Via: Pocket PC Italia]

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