Wireless carriers gouging customers on SMS text message rates

Carriers gouging customers with SMS text messaging prices ratesThe one thing that wireless operators love more than data revenue is SMS text message revenue. Data connections require more bandwidth than SMS text messages, which means that carriers make more money for less cost with text messages.

Carriers have been hiking-up the price of SMS text messages over the past year, and it seems that they’re just gouging customers a few pennies at a time. Higher text message rates means that carriers make more money on customers that don’t have text messaging plans, and will make more money from those that buy higher-priced text messaging bundles in an effor to avoid those higher SMS rates.

Since SMS text messages use so little bandwidth, carriers can’t justify the price-hikes with increased operating costs – they’re simply trying to squeeze as much out of us as possible.

Now, this may not be news to many out there – we’ve been crying wolf the whole time – but some “texters” out there may have not noticed a $10 increase in their monthly wireless bill. To them, may we suggest they keep track of their monthly SMS text messaging habits.

[Via: Yahoo]

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