Nokia officially hits 40% global market share; 437.1 million devices shipped in 2007


Nokia published their Q4 2007 and whole year 2007 results today, before the conference call which I found to be slightly odd; here are the numbers you should know about:

  • 133.5 million devices shipped in Q4, up 27% compared to this time last year
  • 437.1 million devices were shipped in 2007 compared to 374.5 million in 2006, an increase of 25.8%
  • North American sales fell 23.3% to only 19.4 million units sold in all of 2007
  • 40% market share officially reached
  • Average selling price per device increased by 1 euro compared to Q32007, it is now 83 euros
  • Sales increased 34% compared to this time last year, bringing in 15.7 billion euros
    • Mobile Phones increased sales 5% compared to this quarter last year
    • Multimedia (Nseries) increased sales 48%
    • Enterprise Solutions (Eseries) increased sales 102%
  • Profit increased 64% compared to this time last year, total being 2.5 billion euros
    • Mobile Phones increased their profits 48% to 1.8 billion euros compared to this quarter last year
    • Multimedia increased their profits by 106% to 670 million euros
    • Enterprise Solutions this quarter last year was loosing money, this quarter they made 118 million euros
  • Over 11 million Nseries devices and over 2 million Eseries devices were sold in Q4
  • 38 million Nseries devices and approximately 7 million Eseries devices during the whole of 2007
  • 18.8 million converged devices (S60) shipped in Q4 compared to 11.1 this time last year
  • Market share in North America dropped to 5.1% while every other region except China experienced double digit growth
    • 37.2 million devices shipped in Europe; 28.3% more than last quarter
    • 23.6 million devices shipped in the Middle East and Africa; 22.3% more than last quarter
    • 20.2 million devices shipped in China; 6.9% more than last quarter
    • 34 million devices shipped in the Asian Pacific region; 15.% more than last quarter
    • 5.1 million devices shipped in North America; 5.6% less than last quarter
    • 13.4 million devices shipped in Latin America; 39.6% more than last quarter
  • Quote: “The 10 markets in which Nokia generated the greatest net sales in 2007 were, in descending order of magnitude, China, India, Germany,  the UK, the US, Russia, Spain, Italy, Indonesia and Brazil, together representing approximately 50% of total net sales in 2007. In comparison, the 10 markets in which Nokia generated the greatest net sales in 2006 were China, the US, India, the UK, Germany, Russia, Italy, Spain, Indonesia and Brazil, together representing approximately 51% of total net sales in 2006.”
    • Translation: America used to be Nokia’s number 2 source of income, in 2007 they became number 5
  • Brad

    I belive Nokia soon have 100% of mobile market , why not choice the best you can get 😀

  • Topy

    😯 I thought they would keep the position or or even gain some in North America….seeems i was wrong.
    Well it’s 40% now(happy share holder)and at least they still got North America to work with.

  • Fernando

    odd, with all the fuss about the N95 being so successful that they made a north american version. this doesn’t sound right

  • Mick

    Awesome good sale , yes Come on North America operators we also want the best phones out there ❗

  • PhoneBoy

    Enterprise Solutions was–because it no longer exists in the new world order–more than just handsets. It also included the Enterprise Security products, as well as Intellisync. I don’t know if they break it down this far, but it’d be interesting to see how much is handsets versus the other parts of ES.

  • Robbie

    I love Nokia N-serie phones

  • newtype2011

    Even though Nokia stated about a year ago that they are committed to the North American market, they still have yet to really break through here. The new devices being offered on their website as well as the N95-3 (and soon the N95-2 w/ US 3) will really help drive things forward over the next year.

    In any case, Nokia will continue to lag behind in NA because marketing is virtually non-existent here. I have NEVER seen a Nokia Nseries commerical here in the states. Never. They should really put some advertising dollars behind the N95-3 and drive up demand –

  • Mick

    You have right newtype and not only N95-3 but also the superphone N82

  • Viipottaja

    While efforts on the high end in the US are crucial, Nokia does also need to get back into the business of mid-tier phones in the US as well (they are doing, IFAIK, most of their current sales in very low end phones in the US..). 6555 is a decent start. Hopefully their prediction of 6-12 phones coming to the US market (I assume they primarily mean carrier supported phones) this year holds true.

    Overall though: AMAZING and IMPRESSIVE results! GO Nokia! 😀

  • Tony

    2 greate phones for the youth of today are 5310 and 5610 Xpressmusic wich i belive be number one sale round the world this year, shud come to North America also.

  • mable

    i am in mobile phone business.gald to know nokia’s huge market share.but i hope nokia mobile can have more msn:mable_12321at hotmail com

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