Official YouTube application in beta, working on Nokia Nseries and Sony Ericsson phones

YouTube has released a beta application that will allow you access to their entire library on your phone. Sadly I can’t test this on my Nokia N82 and I’m tearing the house inside out trying to find my N95 which is on the list of compatible devices along with Nokia’s N73, E65, 6110, 6120 and SonyEricsson K800 and W880. The video (above) should help guide you on installing the application.

[Via: Biskero]


UPDATE: I found out how to download it onto any phone, and I seriously mean any phone. Just point your phone browser to

Is that too long to type? Use your QR code reader then:


Don’t have a QR code reader? Then download the JAD file from here!

  • Stefan Constantinescu

    emTube still gives you much better quality. I’m not editing my post to say that only because youtube embed code screws up whenever i edit a post.

    download emTube (S60 phones only) from here:

    • Vyk70r

      my nokia 6124c reboots when i start the aplication, can you help?

  • Hassan

    agreed. I also really enjoy the portrait mode in emTube as well… not switching anytime soon.

  • Stefan Constantinescu

    @Hassan: I think you mean landscape. 😆

  • Stefan Constantinescu
  • mike

    i just installed this app on my n95 8gb and is siiiiiiick!!!
    thank u so much for sharing this with us

  • N95-1

    still waiting for emtube to allow me to logon to my youtube account..

  • doministry

    It does not work on ANY phone.
    On my P990 says “Authorization Failed”.

  • Jukka

    Urgh, it’s Java.. Worked somehow but lack of full screen is a serious issue. Or is it there somewhere?

    We seem to get different ways of watching YouTube every other week, but how about a general solution to access all of the other important Flash-based sites out there, you know what I mean 🙂

  • Stefan Constantinescu

    that is an old phone, might not have all the proper J2ME JSR’s.

  • Stefan Constantinescu

    well once S60 phones get powerful enough I’m sure Nokia could ask Adobe to use Open C to port their Linux version of the desktop version of Flash onto the platform.

  • Mr-X

    This application is pretty much useless since we have emTube available.

    Uninstalled it within 3 minutes 😕

  • Andrew

    ‘Could not connect to video streaming server’ on my N93 connecting over wifi. And the backlight seems to switch off at weird times.

  • Mr-X

    Andrew, you’ll have to go into realplayer and change your default network settings. 😉

  • Conall

    Thanks for this. How did you generate the barcode?

  • Stefan Constantinescu
  • Conall

    Thank you!!

  • Fernando

    Well, it can upload videos, just for that it warrants staying in my phone

  • newtype2011

    Works pretty good, except for the video uploading. I simply can not get any videos to upload –

  • Bernardo Carvalho

    The QRCode takes leads to a 404 error…

  • Lalit

    Error shows on e61i
    it fail to connect with server
    i already define the accesspoint in real player

  • Haakon

    What’s about the bad quality ? emTube stays ; D
    But I liked the menus : D

  • Haakon

    The music won’t play in silent mode 😕

    emTube – youtube 2-0

  • Haakon

    Sound should replace music *** 😆

  • sentinelx7

    If you change the version number to 1.0.2 in the link there is a newer version available!!!

  • jen


    need help, i already downloaded youtube. RealPlayer in my N95 doesn’t play video streaming even if i already changed default server to wifi. is there anything i can do to have it working?

  • nodnerb

    doesn’t work on my e61i. Can anyone help me on how to make it work?

  • tamz786

    1) change the real player sttings to a WLAN.
    2) dont have your profile on ‘silent’ mode.
    3) and enjoy.
    gotta say….da video quality is shit

    if u got internet your better of downloading videos from the computer and watching them.

  • abdolgn

    followed the steps……everything okay except could not conect to video streaming server.using n95 and prepaid .any answers

  • Ali Siddique

    Can some one mail me my e-mail address is a i want to know how will the youtube videos will work on my n73 because well the youtube videos are not working on my mobile so plz some one help me.

  • David

    not working in my N95 1GB 🙁

  • yvl

    I can installed YouTube in my Nokia E61i and log in to see the most viewed, top rated, etc but could not view video. When I clicked on a video, a message says “could not connect to video streaming serve”. Can anyone let me know why? My friend’s Nokai E71 has no problem in viewing video from You Tube.

  • Victor

    I have the same problem with n73, pls someone help.

  • Arman

    Hi,thanks. I live in Iran and I can not download it. my phone is n95. could you download the application for me? I will be happy if you do that. thank you

  • yennstahh

    wow ! thank you soo much ! ive been looking for something to help me solve this problem for ages, and i found this. thank you so much !

  • Ranjeet

    Hi bro
    i have nokia e65 and i am not able to view youtube video and also not able to download the same.
    Please can you help me .

  • eyad


  • pomada

    hola, alguien tendra la aplicacion? estoy reviviendo mi nokia E71 ;( y algunas aplicaciones me es dificil conseguirlas ahora

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