Verizon shows its colorful Valentine’s Day offering

Verizon shows its colorful Valentines Day offering

Ladies and gentlemen, ok maybe just ladies, the curtain behind Verizon’s Valentine’s Day offering is officially lifted. Unlike other carriers which focus on red and/or pink devices, Verizon decided to add more colors to the mix. As the result, they are offering special prices on:

  • BlackBerry Pearl 8130, available in pink and silver for $99.99. Official release for the pink Pearl is available from here.
  • Samsung FlipShot in red for $149.99.
  • Samsung Gleam in purple for $149.99. We’ve already covered this, here’s the official announcement.
  • LG enV in green, silver or orange for $79.99.
  • LG 8350 in silver and red for $49.99.

All prices mentioned above involve $50 online instant discount and a new 2-year agreement. More information about each of the devices is available from here.

  • amanda

    hi, i heard a rumor for valentines day verizon is putting out a pink,red,& black env, but i havent found anything about it. im about to be buying a env but if those colors are coming out for valentines day i will wait an get one of those colors, but i dont want to wait for no reason, is this rumor or trut?

  • lil lady

    i love my enV .. it my baby :roll: :lol:
    its so cool :cool:

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