Garmin announces nuvifone, GPS-enabled all-in-one device

Garmin nuvifoneWell folks its’ finally happening – Garmin is out with their own phone. Having their software running on the popular smartphone platform — Windows Mobile and BlackBerry — obviously isn’t enough.

The way we see it, the nuviphone is primarily a portable navigation device (PND) with mobile phone functionality built on top of it. We don’t actually have all the information at this stage — like which platform/OS Garmin’s using — but we’re sure we’ll know more about it following the Mobile World Congress where Garmin is exhibiting.

Anyway, here’s what we know:Garmin nuvifone - pic 1

  • the device sports 3.5″ touchscreen
  • HSDPA-enabled
  • built-in camera can take both photos and videos. Megapixel count is not known at this stage
  • Integrated with Google’s local search and Panoramio picture sharing site
  • the homescreen has three large icons – “Call”, “Search” and “View Map” alongside 4 smaller ones – “Browser”, “SMS”, “Email” and “Tools”
  • media player can handle MP3, MPEG4 and AAC files
  • set for launch in Q3 2008. No price was disclosed.

Other cool features include “Where am I?” functionality which helps users orient in space, as well as the so called “”dude, where’s my car?” feature that tells drivers where they’ve parked their cars by automatically marking the position in which it was last removed from the vehicle mount…

nuviphone screens 1

We’ll certainly check Garmin’s booth at Mobile World Congress and in the meantime you may want to: a) visit Garmin’s website; b) check out the full release from here.

nuviphone screens 2

nuviphone screens 3

  • UnseenLlama

    Finally…a competitor!!! Now Apple please release a 3g phone with integrated GPS!

  • Chris P

    UnseenLlama – A competitor for what??

  • Andrew

    Actually that’s looks alright. Well the interface does, the actual phone is kinda bland.

    I think UnseenLlama is on about it being a competitor to the iPhone, forgetting all the other phones that are already here or on their way.

  • Chris P

    Andrew I was just being facetious ๐Ÿ˜†

  • JonnyBruha

    Quick roundup,
    The iPhone is an iPod Touch that makes calls.
    Sony Ericsson builds cameras that make calls (or at least they used to make the best cameraphones).
    HTC builds PDA’s that make calls (if they don’t crash first).
    Nokia builds “multimedia computers” that make calls.
    And now Garmin builds a GPS that makes calls.

    . . .

    I want a microwave that makes calls.

  • M1ck3

    ๐Ÿ˜€ funny ๐Ÿ˜€
    I want a TV that makes calls

  • seregin

    I want a phone that makes calls

  • Renat

    Who knows where I can buy Garminโ€™s Nuvifone ????

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