Video: Jawbone viral video, best I’ve ever seen

This is hands down one of the best videos I’ve seen marketing a product. Most companies don’t have the balls to produce something like this since it is racist and has “potty mouth” words, but I’m sitting in my chair with a smile on my face.

[Via: Crunch Gear]

  • Dan Lane

    Excellent… wouldn’t surprise me if it was meant to be an homage to American Psycho

  • newtype2011

    That was good. I loved the part when the older woman picked up the cash register and threw it on him –

  • Steve Paine

    I’m assuming it’s some sort of joke ad.
    If not, I’m not buying any jawbone products that might support meat-head marketing idiots that think this is a worthwhile marketing tactic.


  • Stefan Constantinescu

    it’s just a joke Steve. 😆

  • Dmatt

    Yes, and a good one.


    I think this is clever advertising, maybe a bit too much regarding ethics , then again it’s just a commercial 😉

  • bill

    Fantastic…buy me a jawbone.
    commercials have gotten boring and lame.

  • Steph

    A little to edgy…but makes you think ah?

  • Clarence

    There are several “Jawbone” vids that I”ve seen today.

    A very common pattern emerges, even once you take away the ugliness of the beatdowns/animal attacks/sexual orientation changes –

    “JawBone! The Self-Hating-Whiteman’s product”

    Just who the **** do they think are likely to be their primary customers? Way to drive away your base, buddy.

    By the way: attacking Christians or white men is no longer “edgy”. It’s merely lame and cliched. I still wait for the first artist or ad company that has enough stones to diss single women or muslims.

  • Non Douchebag

    I’d like it if they (fictionally of course) showed that uber-Ape in the white house getting beaten to death (the female one, not the half-ape one).

    Now, THAT would be funny!

    Racist violence is sooooo funny!

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