Turn your S60 device into a WiFi hotspot!


In the secret Into Mobile staff chat room, where we hatch our world domination strategy, we’ve been wondering how in the world we’re going to get internet access in our apartment during Mobile World Congress. Will and my boss Tom have Windows Mobile devices that they can turn into WiFi routers, we covered that application here, but what about us S60 folk?

Dusan sent me a link to this Nseries blog, which then linked me to this article on Cellular News, which in turn caused a Google search and brought me to this most awesome development house in Finland called Joikusoft.

They’ve created an application called JoikuSpot which turns your S60 smartphone into a WiFi access point, using your 3G connection of course. I’m in the process of testing it right now and will report back in this blog post, definitely excited by this.


Here is the application running:


Negative things right off the bat: I can’t create an encrypted network.

Here is my laptop finding the network:


I had to crop the signal, but it is full strength!

According to the manual (PDF) this application only supports http and https protocols. Outlook and Skype may not work, haven’t tested bit torrent since I’m not on unlimited here, but basic internet surfing worked find. I went to a few sites and they popped up instantaneously.

Think of the uses for this. Wireless gaming with your PSP or DS. Browse the internet and check email on your large screen iPod touch.

Update: Buddy of mine Dan Lane used this application to give his iPhone 3G speeds, check out his video on Seesmic.

  • Johan B

    The coolest app in a while. And realy useable! Feels like a small revolution. Now i dont need my seperat Huwaei 3g-adapter!

  • Stefan Constantinescu

    thanks for the images Chris P!

  • Snidely

    Stefan – be sure you have called your network provider and asked to enable “phone as modem” service. Many “unlimited” phone data plans only allow for basic services and enabling wifi use may cause you to run up a massive data bill (see the guy from the Canadian oil drilling station).

  • Stefan Constantinescu

    Judging by the email you provided “Snidely,” you work for an operator. You sir should take the head of the company you work for out to a library and have him recite the definition of the word unlimited, aloud, three times.

  • Ian Chilton


    Whoo – i’ve been looking for something like this snice I got my iPod Touch! – Yay!!

    It does need the ability to limit access by MAC address like! – preferably WEP too.



  • NZtechfreak

    Hey Stefan, hows it going?

    Really nice find this one, too bad about the (current) lack of security though.

    MAC address filtering and/or WPA (screw WEP) would be ideal, but nevertheless this is a really nice thing to be able to do when you need to.

  • Stefan Constantinescu

    Hey Marty! I’m doing fine, agree 100% they need WPA, that would seal the deal for me.

  • PseudoFinn

    Fantastic work! Thanks, Stefan!

    I’ve been waiting for something like this to pop up for the PSP- I’m thinking Orb on the PSP would be pushing it, but I’m going to try anyway… at any rate, it should give the ol’ PSP a little more interest and worth in my life again. The PSP will totally be making the trip to MWC now. 🙂

  • Hlorri

    Why not use bluetooth DUN?

    If you have an Apple notebook, or an USB-to-Bluetooth dongle, you can easily gain internet access through nearly any Bluetooth-enabled cell phone (except the iPhone).

    Likewise, at least with a Mac, you can use a USB cable between your laptop and the cell phone for the same purpose.

    You’ll need to know your carrier’s WAP settings (APN, username, password) – something like:
    APN: “wap.cingular”
    Password: CINGULAR1

    (these should normally be the same as the WAP settings on your phone).

  • NZtechfreak

    Thats great if only you want to connect, but when you want to share the connection with others then obviously you want something like this(for instance in group work at medical school away from the Uni WiFi network this would be gold).

    Oh yeah, its Murray BTW Stefan! Glad things are good in your world – diggin the new haircut man! ;]

  • Henrik Hansen

    The Premium version gives encrypted connections and much much more. It can be used with Skype etc. and has a firewall too.
    Too bad it cost a bit “too much”

    • aBHIJEET

      try its torret man……

  • Emercom21

    Don’t help to connect androids… Androids cannot connect to Ad-Hoc networks. They want access point. Any ideas?

  • thio

    why i can’t use internet connection on my ipod,it is connected

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