Voce is dead?

Voce is deadIt looks like Voce customers weren’t the only ones that were notified of their carrier’s demise when their phones just stopped working. Voce COO Roy Kosuge apparently had no idea that his company was going under until the very moment his Voce phone stopped making calls.

How does the Chief Operating Officer have no idea that his company’s network is going to go off-air? We have no idea, but Kosuge’s obliviousness may be part of the reason that Voce is out for the count.

Serves you right, Kosuge. Time to go find another company to run into the ground, er, that is to say, stand aside and watch as it spirals into failure.

  • Eric Nguyen

    Did anyone, um, confirm this information with Kosuge? Oh, right. This is a blog, so I suppose not.

    I happen to know Roy, and he’s been wrapping this business with Voce up for months. It’s bewildering to come across a post with a totally fabricated story, like this. I’m going to follow the links here to see where it originated.

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