Nokia at Mobile World Congress: N96, N78, 6220 Classic and 6210 Navigator


Nokia launched 4 devices at the Mobile World Congress here in Spain, all of them run the latest version of S60: 3rd Edition Feature Pack 2. The Nokia N96 is the new flagship, think of it as an N95 8GB with DVB-H, 16GB inside, microSD slot and not as fat; due out in Q3 for 550 Euros. The Nokia N78 is the refreshed N73, but ridiculously connected with WiFi, HSDPA, GPS and a much faster processor; coming out in Q2 for 350 Euros. The 6220 Classic is slick as hell and has a 5 megapixel camera with Xenon flash like the N82, GPS and HSDPA like the N82, but it doesn’t have WiFi; Q3 and only 325 Euros. Last we have the 6110 Navigator refresh known as the 6210 Navigator. With a 3.2 megapixel camera, built in compass and sleeker form factor than its older brother, it hasn’t really been updated that much internally, but it certainly is prettier; Q3 for 300 Euros.

Pictures after the jump.

At the Nokia booth there was a tablet pc running in emulation the upcoming touch version of S60. Gizmodo has a short video demoing that and Phone Scoop has more information as well. Nokia Maps 2.0 is prettier, less cluttered UI and has pedestrian navigation. Watching the 6210 Navigator rotate the map due to the built in compass makes me look at my N82 and N95 and sigh in frustration that I can’t do that.

[Photo above from Flickr]

Nokia N96 [high resolution gallery]:


Nokia N78 [high resolution gallery]:


Nokia 6220 Classic [high resolution gallery]:


Nokia 6210 Navigator [high resolution gallery]:


  • Topy

    Hey Stefan. You happen to know does Nokia, Sam or SE have any more of events? Or how about Symbian will they have own event in 3GSM?

  • Stefan Constantinescu

    you mean parties or pr events?

  • Zak

    Stefan, did you get to take a peek at the Black N82?

  • Mavrek

    N96 look awsome good ,special when I see it on youtube.
    It be probelly nr 1 this year 😉

  • topy

    Wasent so happy with these new phones at the start N78 and N96 seem to be actually pretty good and so does fp2…. Thought wheres E71 that was suppose to be the phone to buy 👿
    Was talking about pr evenst, but seems that announces are over for this event.

  • AndyV


    Do you know if the Nokia N96 will have a 3G US version?

    Also, any news on the E71 (update to the E61i)….


  • Krishna

    Useful information provided. Need to update the latest releases too.


  • anil

    Dear sir,
    We are looking latest model nokia navigator in competitive price and good quality.
    Kindly send us the specification details and best FOB offer to Oman and also interested to buy mobile phones.
    Your immediate reply would be appreciated.
    Thanks and regards
    Anil Kumar.


    When comes N96?

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