Nokia N830 WiMAX equipped Internet Tablet leaked


BestBuy’s February sales flyer has a Nokia N810 featured on the front, but it isn’t your typical blue steel model, this version is black. Could this simply be a new color varient or a brand spanking new WiMAX equipped Internet Tablet? Upon further inspection it looks like this very well may be the N830.

CTIA is coming up (April 1-3), expect this device to be annouced then in conjuntion with the launch of Sprint’s WiMAX network.

[Via: Symbian (and now apperently Tablet) Guru]

  • bazza

    Its a black N810 Stefan, not N830. Wimax is a possibility, or maybe its just a new colour, like the red N95 and the black E90.

  • Moosex

    “Its a black N810 Stefan, not N830”

    In that case someone made one big typo typing N830 under the picture of this N810 black variant 😉

  • bazza

    actually, thats just the badly aliased “1” from the zoomed in image. Go to bestbuy’s website the image is from and browse to page 23 of their flash based catalogue. you just use the built in magnifier tool and you see is actually N 8 1 0 not N 8 3 0

  • Varun

    i like the screen and the keypad .. would be nice to see such a device

  • A.T.

    :mrgreen: boys, I have that “blackie” right now left to my hands… I will not comment on actual details, but I can assure you that all this buzz around “what is written in top left corner” is very far from reality – it is NEITHER N810 NOR N830. What you have above is photoshop-ed crap picture from, period.

  • Al

    That is obviously N810 Wimax edition. It’s been listed on nokia’s website for ages. sadly not a new model

  • faisal

    nokia n830 may be sold in Indonesia and the same picture like the Nokia N810 and what's the difference and the Nokia N810 and n830 price n830 nokia how and hopefully this is true not fake

  • faisal

    nokia n830 may be sold in Indonesia and the picture looked like the same kok Nokia N810 and what's the difference Nokia N810 and n830 and the price is how much and hopefully the original image

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