Boost Mobile brings $35 Unlimited calling plan to Hawaii

Boost Mobile brings unlimited calling to HawaiiUnlimited calling plans are all the rage these days. With a slew  of $100 unlimited wireless plans and a handful of even cheaper flat-rate plans out there, it makes sense for Boost Mobile to up its game with another super-value unlimited calling plan.

Boost Mobile has rolled out a $35 unlimited calling plan for its customers on the tropical state of Hawaii. How does Boost Mobile get away with such a low price for an unlimited wireless calling plan? They’re limiting the calling area to the user’s home-area – which would be the Hawaiian islands in this case. But, make sure to stay within your home calling area, stray outside and you’ll get slapped with a $0.15 per minute rate. Unlimited SMS text messages, unlimited web, and coverage in California and Las Vegas will cost an additional $5 a piece.

[Via: BusinessWire]

  • Ryan

    I work at and many of us are mobile meaning we do a lot of traveling to do our job. Our contact at Boost Mobile just announced that as of 1/15/2009 Boost will be offering a new flat rate plan. The new plan will be on their PayGo side (which doesn't make sense)and will be for a flat $50 per month including tax. The plan covers unlimited everything (talk, text, and web) nationwide with no roaming. The only draw back is we will not be able to port our existing Boost unlimited numbers to the PayGo side of Boost. Being Boost is owned by Sprint and uses the Sprint network this will slaughter other unlimited flat rate carriers such as Cricket and MetroPCS which are regional only. Looks like our entire staff will be getting new phones in a few days!

  • gallinachina

    if i get my son a phone in Hawaii, I live in CA can he and i talk for free to eachother?

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