Sprint stores closing today from 9am to 11am PST for mysterious webcast

SprintSprint’s up to something. We’re not sure what exactly, but as soon as we find out – we’ll let you know. Today from 9am to 11am PST, the CDMA carrier will be closing all of its stores, including licenced dealer locations. Apparently, they — all store employees and dealer partners — will be watching a webcast.

Now let’s see, I’m not aware Playboy’s streaming anything special today and the Miss Playboy Mobile 2008 winning ceremony happens on April 2nd, so that’s out. Maybe it’s something with the creation of a “single, performance-based culture,” Sprint’s CEO Dan Hesse has been talking about. Or, let’s hope, they’ll be rolling out $60 unlimited calling plans. That’s highly unlikely, but hey, we can hope. 😉

[Via: PhoneMag]

  • CR

    Still waiting for the meeting to be over to hear what the big announcement is.

  • L

    Sprint is rolling out a unlimited everything plan for $99.99 that is going to be available on both Sprint and Nextel. That should rattle the competition

  • Maciek

    Nah…they are closing the stores so they can hand out the final pay checks to their employees 🙂

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