Top 10 iPhone Web-Apps

Top iPhone web appsThere are a lot of web-apps out there for us iPhone users to sort through, so here’s a Top 10 list to make things a bit easier on you. As more web-apps get published, this Top 10 Web-Apps list may become outdated, but for now, this is a good place to start.

Remember, if you find a web-app that you like, you can add an web-clip icon to your homescreen that will take you directly to that web-app (as long as you have at least v1.1.3 installed).

Hit the link to check out the Top 10 iPhone web-apps list (actually, there are more than 10, but “10” sounded like a nice round number).

  • Photo ForwardPhoto Forward – this isn’t exactly a web-app, but it’s cool-worthy nonetheless. Photo Forward is a bookmarklet that scans the webpage you are currently browsing for all images, and then gives you the option to send a link to any of those pictures to an email address. The iPhone doesn’t let you copy text (or paste it, for that matter), but you can email it to yourself to use later.

    Photo Forward emails you links to webpage images

    Photo Forward emails you links to webpage images

  • Tabulate – this simple bookmarklet enables true tabbed browsing on the iPhone Safari browser. Sure, the Mobile Safari browser already supports tabbed browsing by allowing you to open multiple windows simultaneously, but with Tabulate you can actually force Safari to “open link in new tab.” Whenever you hit an embedded link in a website, you’ll be given the option to “flag” the site for later viewing, open it in the current tab/window, or open the link in a new tab/window. Tabulate also keeps track of how many websites you’ve flagged for viewing later.

    Tabulate for iPhone Safari

    Tabulate brings tabbed browsing to iPhone Safari browser

    Go to the site, add the bookmark to your desktop Safari browser, then sync your iPhone (remember to check the box to sync bookmarks with your iPhone). Now, whenever you start your iPhone’s Safari browser, just fire up the Tabulate bookmarklet and you’ll be good to go.

  • Food Network for the iPhoneFood Network – quickly and easily find out what’s for dinner tonight. The iPhone web-app from the Food Network puts the entire Food Network recipe catalogue on your iPhone. Pick recipes by ingredients, holiday themes, and even by chef. We like Giada – her recipes are nice too.

    Food Network for the iPhone

  • Zinio Mobile Newstand for the iPhoneZinio Mobile Newstand – browse Zinio’s top-selling digital magazines from your iPhone. The interface is sleek and fast thanks to the AJAX-heavy iPhone optimization. Pick your magazine, browse through the pages, and zoom in for a crystal-clear view of the page. Unfortunately, all the juicy bits are blurred out (ahem, Playboy’s pictorials). Still, Zinio Mobile Newstand is the best way to kill time on your iPhone – if you’re into that whole “reading” thing.


    Zinio Mobile Newstand for the iPhone



    Zinio Mobile Newstand for the iPhone



    Zinio Mobile Newstand for the iPhone

  • Remember The Cat – built on the famed Remember The Milk to-do list’s API, but the iPhone specific version is free (Remember The Milk requires a “Pro” account to use the iPhone version), and the interface is slick and faster to navigate.

    Remember the cat - todo list for iphone


    Remember the cat - todo list for iphone

    – the best shopping list for the iPhone. Remember The Cat is good as a to-do list, but is a bit cumbersome as a shopping list. Use OneTrip for your next grocery-day. You won’t forget the milk, because you’ll have it in your grocery list.

    OneTrip gocery list web-app for iPhone


    OneTrip gocery list web-app for iPhone

  • PogoNotes - sleek, stylish, and simple notes appicationPogoNotes – from the makers of the Pogo iPhone Stylus. Share your notes with friends and access them online or through the Mac OS X Widget. Log into your PogoNotes account and create notes. You can choose to share your notes with your friend, a group, or everyone. You can also search for shared notes within a certain group, or from a specific user (your friend). PogoNotes is the social network equivalent of a notes application.


    PogoNotes - sleek, stylish, and simple notes appication

    PogoNotes - sleek, stylish, and simple notes appication

    PogoNotes - sleek, stylish, and simple notes appication

    PogoNotes - sleek, stylish, and simple notes appication

    PogoNotes - sleek, stylish, and simple notes appication

    PogoNotes - sleek, stylish, and simple notes appication

    NoterNoter – another online-based notes application that allows you to share notes with friends and co-workers in almost real-time. Here’s how it works. You and your friends or co-workers all share a single Noter account. Everyone can log into the same account and load the Noter client onto their iPhone – allowing them to make/edit notes at will. The finished notes can by synchronized to the server, which can in turn be synchronized to other users’ Noter clients. It’s a great collaboration tool.

    Noter - note taking application for iPhone

    Noter - note taking application for iPhone

  • iZoho brings office into iPHONEiZoho [updated] – the web-based office document suite specifically tailored to your iPhone. iZoho brings the acclaimed document-editing web-service to the iPhone. With AJAX-y access to Zoho Writer, Sheets, Show, and Creator, any iPhone user can view, edit, and create Microsoft Office-compatible documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and publications. iZoho makes your iPhone a complete smartphone.So, I’ve gotten word from Zoho that the create/edit functionality is not yet setup for iZoho due to issues with the iPhone’s soft keyboard. You can still goto Zoho Writer to get full access to the document-creation application, but iZoho does not currently support it. Keep an eye out for future the next iZoho version to support create/edit features.

    iZoho bring Microsoft Office to the iPhone

  • Facebook for iPhoneFacebook – does it need any explanation? Facebook for the iPhone. It’s quick, it’s convenient, and it’s on your iPhone. Use it, you know you want to – and if you don’t want to, you should, everyone else it doing it. In fact, I haven’t messed with my Facebook or MySpace accounts in a long time, but I think I might just start using Facebook again. I don’t think it’s just a fad…

    Facebook for iPhone

  • Remote Buddy puts the power of your Mac in your iPhoneRemote Buddy – control your Mac with your iPhone. Kick back and watch movies or listen to music on iTunes. Remote Buddy serves up the interface on your iPhone, so you know exactly what you’re watching or listening to. And, when you want to move on to some more serious stuff, Remote Buddy gives you access to over 95 different Mac apps – it even lets you type text on your Mac through your iPhone’s keyboard.

    Did I mention that you can activate your Mac’s iSight camera and watch it live? Or how about a live view of your desktop as you move the mouse cursor around? Yea, Remote Buddy is amazing, especially if you attach your Mac to your home-theater system!

    Remember, this is Mac-ONLY folks.

    Remote Buddy AJAX iPhone remote

    Remote Buddy puts the power of your Mac in your iPhone

    Remote Buddy AJAX iPhone remote

    Video Demo of Remote Buddy in action.

  • Hahlo is the fastest and most powerful Twitter client for iPhoneHahlo – the straight-forward iPhone Twitter client, but it sure loads quickly. I like this client the best for those times when I’m on EDGE-only. The interface is full-featured but still loads quickly over EDGE.I just started using Twitter – I know I’m behind the times here. If you want to hit me up on Twitter, my handle is “WillPark” – nice and creative.

    Hahlo is the fastest and most powerful Twitter client for iPhone

    PocketTweets is the nicest looking Twitter client for iPhonePocketTweets – the prettier iPhone Twitter client, but slower to load over EDGE. I like this client when I have access to WiFi – which is to say, most of the time. The interface is slick and delivers a richer experience than Hahlo – but you pay for it with slow load times.

    PocketTweets is the nicest looking Twitter client for iPhone

  • getnews

    Free News site designed for mobile devices. Feeds covering US Election and news form around the world. New feeds are constantly added.

  • Mike

    I found a cool web app called Mobicue the other day when I was surfing online. It lets you upload photos, videos, audio recordings, and text updates directly from your iPhone from any location with internet access. It works really well on the iPhone, so I’m surprised it didn’t make this list.

  • Claire

    I bought a few web apps for my iPhone yesterday. The cool thing was iBeer, people were so creative it amazes me.

  • kcjones

    Free app called Storyz, free MMS – brilliant

  • Zharko

    @ kcjones, i’ve checked Storyz, and i love it, it’s fun and easy to use

    i’d also put the shazam app into this list

  • Boi

    Family Guy app:

  • Trevr

    I also created a mobile web directory you can run right from your iphone. The directory consists of only websites compatible with the iphone.

  • moeey

    Random pick up lines:

    Only for the iPhone.

  • iTouch Apps

    Thanks for the list, very interesting guys.

  • Jessica

    Have you guys heard of WychList? It's a new shopping list app that's getting top marks, especially after its latest update. Super easy to use – just scan the product and the info and pic is downloaded from the internet. Then, enter the price to build your price history – you can also search the web to see if there's a lower price online. I use WychList ALL THE TIME. It's saved me a bunch of money already. Check it out!! A MUST have!

  • craaze

    If ya'll think Tiger Text is the best fake texts app, you are WRONG!!! This app actually tricks my girlfriend and parents into thinking they see my real texts. It's at… sumthin like that…called FakeTexts though. Fuh real!!!

  • @DomeExamPrep

    I'd like to share one!

    This is an SAT Vocabulary Flash Card web app – very comprehensive!


  • John

    I made an app to do speed dial from the home screen –

  • Shanbady

    what about

  • Don’t forget to manage your site or web app on the road.

  • Don’t forget to manage your site or web app on the road.

  • Don’t forget to manage your site or web app on the road.

  • this is really excellent news for i phone customer .i saw the article but i suggest that i phone put more application.

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