Copy and paste on the iPhone!

iPhone copy and paste - iCopyCut and paste is quite possibly the singularly most requested feature on the iPhone. Sure, the iPhone can recognize an phone number in any webpage/text message/email. And calling the number is a simple matter of tapping the phone number and initiating the call. But, what if you want to copy and paste a URL or block of text? Well, for that you need some good ole’ cut-n-paste action.

I love to blog from my iPhone. The keyboard and predictive/corrective text feature allows me to type way faster than I’ve ever been able to with a full-QWERTY keyboard (on a smartphone, of course). The display is big and crisp. Multi-touch makes the endeavor convenient and fun. The problem is, I can’t ever embed links to previous articles or even credit the source until I get home – try memorizing a 50+ character URL string, it’s hard.

With the help of some handy bookmarklet code, iPhone users can copy text and URLs and then paste into a form or email the text/link to yourself or a friend. iCopy is the best solution to get your iPhone to copy/paste with ease.

Here’s how to get iCopy to work on your iPhone:

  • Drag this link to your Safari browser’s bookmark bar. (this will save the bookmarklet to your Safari browser’s bookmark file)
  • Connect your iPhone and let iTunes sync your Safari bookmarks. Make sure to check the “Sync Safari Bookmarks” box. (this will save the iCopy bookmarklet to your iPhone)
  • Find some web text or URL address that you want to copy.
  • Bring up your bookmarks and tap “Copy/Paste”
  • Select “Copy”
  • Select the “Copy” action you’d like to perform (Copy Text, Copy URL, Email URL, etc.)
  • Go to the web-form into which you’d like to insert the text or URL that you just copied.
  • Bring up your bookmarks and tap “Copy/Paste”
  • You’ll be taken to another page for a quick moment, and then you’ll be returned to your original page.
  • Bring up your bookmarks and tap “Copy/Paste” again. You’ll see a dialog box indicating that you’re ready to paste.
  • Tap the text box into which you’d like to insert the copied text/URL.

The process is fairly simple, it just looks complex because I wanted to make the installation/use process excruciatingly clear. Overall, the entire process is simply a matter of bringing up the “Copy/Paste” bookmarklet, selecting text to copy, then inserting the text into a text box.

It ain’t no Windows Mobile tap-and-hold copy/paste, but it’s no harder than tapping a menu to bring up copy/paste functionality.

Check out the demo videos after the break!

Props to Preston at biocow for making this all work!iCopy

  • Kay

    Wow! The iPhone has now got ‘copy and paste’! How revolutionary! :grin:

  • JonnyBruha

    You’re back off the hook since the police shut down that exhibit.

    That being said, great attempt at CCP, but minus several hundred points for poor integration with other apps and only being able to use this feature with the browser.

  • jeppe

    I think it’s surreal, that everytime the mighty iPhone gets a minor update or a new feature, it’s the biggest news. When other manufacturers’ phones have these kind of things out of the box (copy&paste, mms, 3rd party applications, custom ringtones…) nobody even mentions them.

    I guess it just shows how retarded phone the iPhone was in the beggining.

    I don’t even want to think what it is going to be like if Apple releases an iPhone with 3G, a decent camera or GPS. I think the whole awesomeness is going to kill someone.

  • Topy

    Aye got a say that i hate these 24/7 iphone infos that mainly Engadget delivers atm, but hopefully it wont go that far in here.
    Anyways if i need something for my iphone this is the thing i have been looking for.

  • JonnyBruha

    Engadget isn’t nearly as bad as IntoMobile/Will, but what makes it worse is that there is a separate website specifically for iPhone related news that does nothing else but copy all of the iPhone news to generate more hits instead of filtering the garbage iPhone posts out for those who don’t care. Post about what’s relevant to it, and leave the rest for the fanboy site. You don’t want to end up like CNET, do you?

  • Michael Khalili

    Seems like a lot of steps just to copy and paste. It would be nice if each of the buttons were broken out into their own bookmarklet. So instead of having to keep clicking through the menus you just select the copy OR paste bookmarket. It can even go further by selecting the Copy URL, Copy Text and so on bookmarklet. I don’t see why you should have to keep clicking through the app to get to the selection you want.

  • guest

    Is it possible to make up fake messages or contacts with this app or something similiar?

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