Google: Android devices will outsell iPhone!

Even though we still wait to see the first real device running the Android platform released, Google’s group manager for mobile platforms Rich Miner is confident they will outsell the Apple iPhone.

Google AndroidSpeaking after his presentation on Thursday at the Emerging Communications Conference at the Computer History Museum in Silicon Valley, Miner said that’s it’s the matter of scale. “Once you have devices out there from Motorola, HTC, Samsung, and so on, there’s a much larger potential market on Android than for the iPhone,” he said.

But it’s not the competition Apple will face from Google, at least initially. Devices running the Android platform and iPhone are aimed at different markets. Google still wants to see their apps running on Apple’s handset and there’s no reason to worry the two companies will compete in the near future. But that could change of course…

We’ll use numbers to prove Rich’s point. Two days ago Apple announced that iPhone SDK was downloaded for 100,000 times. At the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Google reported 750,000 downloads of Android SDK. Again, this will be an interesting year…

[Via: Yahoo]

  • HC

    I think Android has a great potential in China.
    China is a huge market and Android allows many
    local handset manufactures to concentrate on
    hardware and keep the cost low. iPhone will
    do ok but for many Chinese app developers
    it is much cheaper to write apps for android.
    Besides, most of them know Java but not Objective-C.

    What I don’t know is will they use Google search and
    Google Map or not — this is what Google is looking for.

  • weeeeeeee

    Maybe this will knock apple back on it’s self righteous butt.Ianything is alright as a product,way too overhyped though.
    Oh the Smugness,Iphone the Prius of the cell world.

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