Watch embedded YouTube videos on your iPhone – Flash be damned!

iTransmogrify allows iPhone to view embedded YouTube videosAside from the iPhone’s YouTube application, there aren’t too many other options to satisfy that YouTube craving. So, it’s a good thing that there’s at least one other option on the table.

With the same kind of bookmarklet magic that allows iPhone users to copy and paste text and URLs, any embedded YouTube content can be viewed on your H.264-loving iPhone.

Here’s the breakdown:

  • Drag the bookmarklet to your Safari’s bookmark bar (or visit Joe Maller’s page for instructions on how to do this straight from your iPhone).
  • Sync your iPhone with your computer. Make sure to check the box to “Sync Safari Bookmarks” in iTunes.
  • Use your iPhone to find a webpage with embedded youtube content (try this page).
  • Bring up your bookmarks and hit up “iTransmogrify!”
  • After a few moments, you’ll see the embedded YouTube video screenshot appear on the screen.
  • Hit the video and your Safari browser will take you to the iPhone’s YouTube player and start the video.

That’s it! You can now view embedded YouTube content without the need for any Flash! Ahh, the magic of bookmarklets…

[Via: iPhone Atlas]

  • josesxi

    This is old news. Been using it for 3 months already.
    But for the folks that were not awared I guess is big.
    Much respect to Joe Maller though.

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