iPhone users hitting the web with fury

Corroborating the StatCounter statistics that puts the iPhone at the top of the mobile browser market (No. 1 in the US, and No. 2 in the UK), M:Metrics, our favorite web-usage statistics firm, has released new research that indicates that iPhone users are hitting the web with a fury. Virtually every single iPhone user is apparently accessing the web through their new handset – 85% to be more precise.

“The iPhone has certainly delivered on its hype,” said Mark Donovan, senior analyst, M:Metrics. “Beyond a doubt, this device is compelling consumers to interact with the mobile Web, delivering off-the-charts usage from everything to text messaging to mobile video.”

M:Metrics study shows huge iPhone web access

A full 20% accessed Facebook through their iPhones, compared to 1.5% for the entire mobile market. When it comes to YouTube, 30.4% of iPhone users got down with YouTube videos, while 36% used Google Maps – compare that to 1% of the mobile market viewing YouTube videos and 2.6% using Google Maps on their mobile phone.

The chart above basically outlines M:Metrics findings that iPhone users also access mobile video and social networking sites at more than double the rate of other smartphone users – and drastically more than the rest of the mobile market.

M:Metrics also revealed that the average iPhone user was more likely to be male, aged 25-34, earn more that $100,000 and have a college degree, than the average mobile subscriber.

So, by extension, as the Apple handset reach grows larger with more varied offerings (remember, all these stats are based on a single handset going up against giant manufacturers with huge portfolios), these usage statistics should grow ever more impressive. We’ll keep watching…


[Via: MDN]

  • ozair

    how can they figure out if the phone the person is accessing web is an iphone…

  • bazza


  • Rauha

    So iPhone users are wasting their time with entertaiment and social networking sites.

    Meanwhile other smartphone users are doing something more productive and well…smart.

  • JonnyBruha

    That’s weird. People using the web with a mandatory unlimited data plan? Say it isn’t so!

  • hardmanb

    The results data show that despite “could” and “should”, people continue to do what THEY want to do.

    This has vast implications for Facebook, Amazon, and every other service and vendor searching and yearning for internet contact with consumers.

    Any web product or service now has a new urgent priority…to adapt their practices to get a share of the increased web traffic of the iphone. This provides yet more ore impetus for growth in the product family of Apple and the iphone platform.

    Meanwhile the competitors cry that the iphone is nothing new, and their products also “could” do the same thing…so why haven’t they delivered? Why weren’t they the ones, with their vast experience, wealth and market position the ones to give the people what the consumer obviously wants?

  • JonnyBruha

    Because they were too busy designing web browsers that access full websites, not expecting companies to design mobile optimized websites specifically for a mobile device. That’s already been done. It was called WAP and it’s dead now. Ironic that Apple’s revolution was falsely touted as one of the first devices to access the “real” web (instead of the “watered-down internet”), but every website is rushing to make an “iPhone optimized” page for the masses who have no idea what the term “unlocked” means. If I were those companies, I’d capitalize on the sheep too.

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