Motorola joins LTE/System Architecture Evolution trial Initiative

Motorola LTE

Motorola announced that it has joined the LTE/System Architecture Evolution (SAE) Trial Initiative (LSTI), the industry group which is “driving the acceleration of commercial and interoperable next-generation LTE mobile broadband systems through the collaborative efforts of leading telecommunications companies worldwide.”

The American handset maker will reuse its WiMAX research and development expertise, along with its heritage in cellular networking, Motorola chipsets, network and video head-end solutions, and professional services to deliver its end-to-end LTE solution.

Commenting on the announcement, Moto’s VP of IMS, Cellular and Broadband Network Technologies, Motorola Home & Networks Mobility said: “Joining the LSTI supports our commitment from our networks and mobile devices teams to the advancement of technologies that will deliver the media mobility experiences that consumers today have come to expect.”

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