T-Mobile Germany sells iPhone for 99 EUR with 89 EUR/month plan!

iPhoneWe’re not sure whether to classify this as a deal or not, but getting an iPhone for 100 EUR (about $155) sounds tempting, nevertheless. Not all is sweet, though. In order to take advantage of the “99 EUR for the 8GB iPhone” deal, interested Germans will have to sign for the “Complete XL” plan which costs 89 EUR per month. Sure that amount buys you thousand minutes, 300 SMS and unlimited use of EDGE data and T-Mobile’s hotspots, but that’s still a lot for a monthly bill.

Alternatively, other “Complete” plans — L, M and S — can make iPhone cost 149, 199 and 249 EUR respectively, while at the same time delivering less minutes and SMS, and limited use (500 MB) of EDGE data in case of the “S” plan.

Obviously, we’re wondering where this goes. Is T-Mobile having hard time selling iPhones to the 3G-lovin’ German, or they are preparing for the 3G iPhone launch? We can only hope the latter is true… 😉

[Via: Engadget Mobile]

  • Anonymous

    To be honest, that is a very shitty deal. Why are you so excited, Dusan?

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