Nokia’s iPhone fighting Nokia 5800 Tube – specs, launch window and live pic

Well lookey what we have here. Hot on the heels of the Nokia Tube demonstration that showed off Espoo’s touchscreen-based competitor to the multi-touch iPhone, here are some more details on the Nokia Tube.

Symbian-freak managed to score a live pic of the Nokia Tube in the wild. The S60 Touch-based handset from Nokia looks a bit awkward compared to the Apple iPhone, but then style and flair are Apple’s forte. And, keep in mind that image is horribly sub-par and that the Nokia Tube is likely still a prototype and will benefit from further refinement from Nokia’s design-heads.

Nokia 5800 Tube spy pic

Apparently, the Nokia Tube will not be launched as a Nokia flagship handset. A higher-end touchscreen mobile phone based on the S60 Touch OS will be shipped “shortly after” the launch of the Nokia Tube.

Dusan managed to score some specs for the Nokia Tube, and he let me run with it. The Nokia Tube should be shipped as the Nokia 5800 Tube and will sport a 3.2 megapixel camera with autofocus. A 3.2-inch touchscreen display with 16 Million colors will go up against the iPhone’s 3.5-inch multi-touch display. To handle communications duties, there’s a quad-band (850/900/1800/1900Mhz) GSM/EDGE radio with 3G UMTS/HSDPA, Bluetooth 2.0, WiFi, and some GPS thrown-in for good measure. There’s also a 3.5mm headphone jack and TV-out port on the Nokia 5800 Tube. And, just like the updated N82, the Nokia 5800 Tube will support geo-tagging of pics – a nicety allowed by the built-in GPS receiver. Expect all this techno-gadgetry at the end of 2008.

[Update 2]
The Nokia Tube has 
been officially unveiled as the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic handset. Find more details on the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic Tube here.

There’s no multi-touch on the Nokia 5800 Tube, but there’s definitely haptic feedback. It’s unclear whether the haptic feedback is based on the localized haptic feedback technology that we saw with the Haptikos technology, or if the Nokia Tube will use the pseudo-haptic, whole-device vibration feedback that’s been so popular on recent haptic-enabled handsets. I’m rooting for the Haptikos feedback technology that localizes screen-vibrations to the area of input.

Now, it remains to be seen just how well Nokia’s first S60 Touch OS iteration will fare against the incumbent multi-touch OS on the Apple iPhone. Past demonstrations of S60 Touch have been a bit disappointing, but Nokia has stuffed the Nokia 5800 Tube with all the technological goodies that I’ve come to expect from the Finns – will the built-in GPS, haptic feedback, and 3G be enough to overtake the iPhone? Probably.

But then again, the 3G iPhone is believed to be launching well ahead of the Nokia 5800 Tube’s year-end launch window. I can’t wait to see the Nokia 5800 Tube hit the interwebs with some live, in-hand demos. Stay tuned for the latest on the Nokia Tube.

Keep reading for the spec-sheet breakdown.

The “5800” model designation makes sense for an XpressMusic device, and the Nokia 5800 Tube shows an “XpressMedia” designation on the upper right of the device.

[Update 2]
The Nokia Tube has
been officially unveiled as the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic handset. Find more details on the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic Tube here.

Nokia 5800 Tube specifications

  • 3.2-inch touchscreen display with 16 Million colors
  • 3.2 megapixel camera with autofocus
  • Quad-band (850/900/1800/1900Mhz) GSM/EDGE radio
  • Bluetooth 2.0
  • WiFi
  • GPS
  • 3.5mm headphone jack
  • TV-out port
  • 140MB on-board storage
  • 111 x 52 x 14.5 mm
  • 104g
  • End of 2008 launch
  • Mr-X

    How did you get the name of the device aswell as its spec sheet but not know about the feedback?

    Teo says it’s just normal vibration, no Haptikos.

  • N95

    do we know the screen-resolution already?

  • manu


  • pbx001

    Amazing to me how many phones are ripping off the ID of the iPhone. I guess the iPhone did change (is changing) everything.

  • ThisGuy

    Amazing to me how many companies have been ripping off the idea of becoming a phone company. I guess Nokia really made other companies change what they produce and sell. iPhone is garbage. If Apple is telling you what apps and services you can use with your iPhone AND they force you to use AT&T… it really your phone? and please dont tell me that you can unlock the iphone….really? Why should you have to unlock your phone when you just paid $400-$600 for it? Be smart….dont get hustled by Apple.

  • Fred Law

    Come on. I really thought the tube was going to be an iphone killer – with those specs it will fall short. Don’t forget guys iphone will be bringing out a 3g version shortly. iPhone looks better so it will sell better any 15 year old knows that

  • JPaquet

    I’m always up for competition, but this is pretty sad. 140 MB onboard storage and no mention of expandibility? Your average computer in 2003 had more RAM than this phone has storage space. This wouldn’t be so disappointing if the phone was just a phone, but it is meant to compete with the iPhone, and that mean media, and 140 MB (assuming that’s after formatting and istalled OS, which I’m sure it isn’t) is about 10 minutes of 640X480 video. I can only hope that this information is wrong, when they could throw 4GB of storage space and an SD port on for like $20. If this information is right, well, I’ll just wait for Google’s Android phone.

  • Sachin

    Still I feel multitouch in iPhone make iPhone far better in ease of use, but lets see what Nokia is upto.

  • Ameri can

    Used to use nokia, then they went downhill. Now Motorolla Ericsson is the top dog in high end compact phones. Would like to see there challange to the Iphone.

  • newtype2011

    I’d like to see this compared with the SE P5i…

  • Topy

    Oh my people are giving the last day of Nokia comments already =D I thought i hitted intomobile not engadget.
    I’ll wait before those phones are actually out(Symbian-Freak said there should be this, one more high end and later on a flagship phone). This might be on time to market when X1 appears.

    Hardware wise i’m actually really positively suprised i wasent really sure if Nokia kknew what they where doing with the first S60 TS phone and get us something horrible thick N95 like TS phone(with 2.8 screen).
    just think that this should be 5800 XpressMedia phone low end cheap TS phone i think that’s pretty great.

    OS in a other hand dosent look that attractive thought pretty much what expected.
    Biggest thing that bothers me is the lack of multitouch or any new TS input.

  • Andrew

    This could work actually, a mid-range offering for people not prepared to cash out for an iPhone but still want a decent smart phone with touch screen. Not for me though, I so wanted what was basically a 3G iPhone that hasn’t been locked down. I know you can unlock the iPhone but the it’s still hassle for each update, the warranty’s void (big issue over the iPhone’s reliability) and the Bluetooth constraints seem to be getting ignored by the hacking scene.

    I’ll get the N78 for now and hold out for the top end touch-screen offering from Nokia.

  • rapt0r

    In the pic you can see it says XpressMedia on the right side of the phone.. I think taht Nokia is going to call all their touchscreen mobile phones like that… just like XpreesMusic series .. 🙂

  • thexcode

    nokia seems to be trying everthing now. the first touchscreen should have been n95 8g.

  • Simon

    It’s interesting to see how this pans out.

    Apple for style, no doubt. I feel however, that the Nokia will offer better functionality.

  • Joe

    I want the Tube !

  • amzo

    We hope that nokia will make double sim cards like samsung to solve the problem of carrying two phones in the same time

  • Markus

    I think we will have to wait until the Tube is launched. Withouth have used it we can’t judge things like usability and stuff.

  • Andre Forbes

    It really is amazing that ppl are really that ignorant to the fact that apple was NOT the first to bring out a touchscreen device…not a monoblock touchscreen device… apple however is the first company to extensively market one of the most locked up and underutilised piece of technology ever and that is wat apple has done so far… nokie had the 7710 and if im not mistaken the 7700 out a VERY long time before apple realized their “jesus phone” mind u the only likeness i can see to Jesus in the “jesus-phone” is that fact that it is being crucified in countries such as the UK where buyers actually have a shred of common sense when it comes to mobile phones and wont just buy something cuz they saw it on tv…. ive seen VERY few N95 commercials but im quite sure it outsells the iphone by a significant margin worldwide…why? becuz its not a flashy overly expensive piece of rubbish XD

  • kulenth

    when its inruduced to the market
    which coast is coming with

  • The Great “H”

    a multi touch screen, a superfast cpu, a brilliant camera, a tv (dvb), and 16gb of internal mem (expandable via sd) makes it the best ever existed cellphone…
    P.S. a high mega pixel camera means something more than 5mpix

  • sidewalk suicide

    leave this phone immediately!!

    samsung omnia now beat the iphone and the others touchscreen phone…

  • tak1983

    People you are missing the point. First off iPhones suck because they lock you into pay pay pay. Second why would you want to have that much space on your phone. Plus they get extremely hot. Not to mention the usage of your phone as an mp3 player makes zero sense to me because now you just have something more to drain your battery. The nokia is sleek and small and that’s always been the case with nokia. That only thing that gets me with touch screens is that you have to type on those things and these touch screens are just not at the point of ease yet.

  • Nokia Tube

    While some of the posters tend to think that Nokia will not be able to catch up w/iPhone I believe that the company is more than well positioned to take the lead position in the market. Almost all people who I know and who have Nokia would not switch to other brand. It’s a tremendous brand loyalty you dont see that often today. So, if the tube gets released it will be greated with cheers by the current Nokia owners eager to upgrade. Just my 2c

  • Persi

    If this phone comes into market then I think its problem to iPhone then. Nokia simply rocks

  • brian

    ok people may be coming out with touch screens phones because they have competition now with the iphone. but the iphone was not the first phone with touch screen. the iphone ripped of the idea off the Prade Phone!

  • Tot

    Nokia had a touch phone out AGES ago. I think it was 7710, I think. They did release something else before that but I don’t think it ever got to the stores.

  • Henry Ford

    I have 7700 prototype, it’s an old phone but it still has more functions than iPhone. Too bad 7710 came out too late and wasn’t finished properly.

  • Borrell

    That’s all nice and good….But WHERE IS THE LENS COVER??? I don’t understand it! You buy an VERY EXPENSIVE phone. With autofocus camera. And you want it to get scratched and dirty? Nobody wants a product that self-degrades over time. No just so you can take great pics again and again. But so when then the time comes to sell and buy something else, your product will be in the best condition possible. You people at Nokia used to get it. Like with the N95. Then you messed up with the 8GB version and N96. And now this. I just don’t get it.

  • iks

    The iphone doesn’t support mms or let you video record that’s going back in time!!! (yes can get programs to make it receive mms but thats hassle and as mentioned void warranty)
    And you have to pay for GPS unlike some nokia’s with built in maps…
    At least the tube will have normal basics like MMS!

  • Haavard

    Why, why, WHYYYYY…

    This would be the perfect phone if only it had multitouch! Why don’t anyone else but Apple use multitouch? Please don’t say Apple got some stupid patent named “Touching screen with more than one finger” -_-

  • PyRoFyRe

    iphone kicks the idea of this new nokia in the teeth

  • AI_OS

    compared to the iphone’s style, size, and specs. the nokia tube is no match!
    Apple iPhone really kicks killer phones Ass!

    But IF they’ll put a 5MP+ camera with xenon flash, 16G+ of memeory with a memory card slot up to 8G+, and a Very fast processor. (specially with a FAIR price)

    People will say: i want this phone! so go away it’s only for me!!!

  • tech freak

    not just apple use militouch (touch FLO technolgy) have a look at HTC their newest phone has 2.8″ screen, 3.2MPX camera, 4GB space, 3G, GPS and looks great.


  • Jitu613

    nokia is the best

  • nokia tube

    iphone sucks for its camera, mms, video, so called gps which is not even aGPS. over to all of this it is expensive on every month plan too many hustle to unlock and keep it uptodate. just a good example of how to make people fool and crazy at the same time

  • Jamal

    I have a nokia 5700. is this the successor? i have a few questions. does it have an on screen keyboard to play java games and runnig applications. why is it called a mid range phone? i think its a real high end device. and does it have all the features of nokia 5700 like video editor, video ringtone & whats the video quality?

  • amber

    when exactly is this phone supposed to be released in the states?

  • ak47

    I was planning to buy iPhone 3g but now I’ve changed my mind, I’ll buy 5800 …

  • rudresh

    ya, iam also waiting for nokia 5800 is one of good supports all type of softwares,

  • PhantomTrace

    G1 is a iphone killa___4sure. Yes G1 isss….Not the nokia 5800. Developers/software engineers are leaning towards the G1 now to expand on their development. ~while Apple is now doing catch up to match Googles plan. Dont get me wrong though they are sucessful_–> but indeed greedy mutha fucckaz. Developers are going to be the sucess for the G1 and all other Android OS phones. [Gphone Enthusiast] yes, biased view. (because biased media) {:

  • Sukhwinder Singh

    I love nokia.I see I phones Iam just see the 5800 nokia I love it.better phons in world only nokia.God bless you nokia.

  • William

    Thanks for the review there.

    I am a nokia person as well and I’ve been toying with getting the sumsung as I saw no viable nokia alternative. The N96 is quite similar to my N95 hence offers little reason to upgrade to.

    I’ll wait for their Tube follow up as it may offer more and even a better camera as the N95 have 5M Pixels and Ive got quite used to usign it as a camera so the Tube’s 3.2 is a backward move to me.


  • fabio

    its a cool phone with awesome features, but it can never beat the iphone 3G..
    SE’s ” The ONE ” on the other hand will beat all the touchscreen phones ever made!! what ? with a 5meg camera, a 3GB memory & a built in laser keyboard, i doubt that any company can to it. cant wait for its release !

  • fabio

    umm sorry, a 32GB memory**

  • farooqyyyyy

    hello nice phone thank you bye

  • Rohit Nair

    I’m a loyal Nokia fan and I’ve been through almost every model series.. I can’t wait for the 5800 to come out. Personally, it beats the I phone in every respect – better camera, better antenna, better screen resolution, better functionality, Nokia maps Touch edition (hello!?), 8GB Micro SD in the box (!!!) expandable to 16GB, 175MB internal memory, Full internet browsing, and not to mention a few cool amenities like handwriting recognition and a full screen alphanumeric keyboard. It’s just a prototype! Well, in the sense that it’s a launching ground for future N-series devices that will use similar S60 software, minus the kinks they figure out after this is launched. Even now the N95 8GB or the N85 rapes the iPhone in EVERY aspect, barring the touch screen. We’re forgetting that the iPhone didn’t even come 3G compatible the first time around. The old N95 and pretty much most of the mid-range models to high end ones come 3G enabled. So what’s all the fuss about? Nokia clearly knows what it’s doing. they take what’s there and make it better. They’ve always done so and I think this 5800 will blow the iPhone out of the market. I’d much rather watch a picture slide show on a 3.2″ screen at 640*360 than on a 3.5″ screen at 320*240! Besides… who the hell wants to buy a phone that you can barely use – Apple is one of the most constraining electronics provider and AT&T, well just plain sucks.. So… Nokia, we’re ready for you to blow us away.

  • Ston Artin

    I’m gonna love this phone. It’s got an 8GB card in the box. It’s got maps. It’s got an Internet Browser. What more could I ask for!?

  • Anz Saif

    Really feature wise IPhone is no way comparable to Nokia 5800.
    I Phone is just a basic phone with touch. And its dam i need to pay huge
    amount for that..And after all few days after using it touch craze will go.Then what matters is features.
    Almost all the softwares are available for symbian OS. Hence Nokia rocks in this area.
    Where as I phone i have pre-defined set of applications.

  • Jeff

    The lucky Russians get the Tube in 5 December .
    It look so much cooler then iphone, I hope the Tube will come out soon…

  • jake

    Guys just for the information for those who really dont know what they are talking about… hehehehe

    5800 – mid range price

    Resolution 360 x 640
    Color Depth 24 bit
    Secondary Display Resolution
    Secondary Display Color Depth
    Size 111 x 51.7 x 15.5 mm
    Weight 109 g
    Input Methods Applications key
    Call Creation key
    Call Termination key
    Touch Screen
    Frequency Band GSM 1800
    GSM 1900
    GSM 850
    GSM 900
    WCDMA 1900
    WCDMA 2100
    WCDMA 850
    WCDMA 900
    Regional Availability Africa
    Latin America
    Middle East
    North America
    Data Bearer CSD
    Dual Transfer Mode (MSC 11)

    Extra Features Accelerometer Sensor
    FOTA Firmware over the Air
    Flight Mode
    Nokia Maps 2.0
    Open C API’s
    Proximity Sensor
    Stereo FM RDS Radio
    Stereo Handsfree Speakers
    Still Image Editor
    TV Out
    GPS Features A-GPS
    Java Technology CLDC 1.1
    IAP Info API
    JSR 135 Mobile Media API
    JSR 172 Web Services API
    JSR 177 Security and Trust Services API
    JSR 179 Location API
    JSR 180 SIP API
    JSR 184 Mobile 3D Graphics API for J2ME v1.1
    JSR 185 JTWI
    JSR 205 Wireless Messaging API
    JSR 226 Scalable 2D vector graphics API v1.1
    JSR 234 Advanced Multimedia Supplements v1.1
    JSR 248 Mobile Service Architecture for CLDC
    JSR 75 FileConnection and PIM API
    JSR 82 Bluetooth API v1.1
    MIDP 2.1
    Nokia UI API
    Java API Access Permissions Java API Access Permissions
    Symbian Certificates Symbian A
    Symbian B
    Symbian C
    Symbian D
    UTI Root
    Product ID 0x2000DA56
    Browser HTML over TCP/IP
    OSS Browser
    WAP 2.0
    Web Runtime
    XHTML over TCP/IP
    Flash Lite Flash Lite 3.0
    Camera Resolution 2048 x 1536
    Digital Zoom 3 x
    Optical Zoom
    Sensor CMOS 3.2 Megapixel
    Focal length 3.7 mm
    F-Stop/Aperture f/2.8
    Focus range 10 cm to infinity
    Image Format JPEG/Exif
    Camera Features Auto Exposure, Auto Focus, Carl Zeiss Optics, Flash, Self Timer
    Video Resolution 640 x 480
    Video Frame Rate 30 fps
    Video Zoom 4 x
    Video Format H.263, MPEG-4
    Secondary Camera Resolution 320 x 240
    Secondary Camera Digital Zoom 2 x
    Secondary Camera Optical Zoom
    Secondary Camera Sensor
    Secondary Camera Focal length
    Secondary Camera F-Stop/Aperture
    Secondary Camera Focus range
    Secondary Camera Image Format JPEG
    Secondary Camera Camera Features
    Secondary Camera Video Resolution 176 x 144
    Secondary Camera Video Frame Rate 15 fps
    Secondary Camera Video Zoom
    Secondary Camera Video Format H.263
    Video Features Video Call
    Video Editor
    Video Player
    Video Recorder
    Video Ringtones
    Video Sharing
    Video Stabilization
    Video Streaming
    Video Formats 3GPP formats (H.263)
    Flash Video
    RealVideo 7,8,9/10
    WMV 9
    Local Video Playback 30 fps
    Graphics Formats BMP, EXIF, GIF87a, GIF89a, JPEG, JPEG 2000, MBM, OTA, PNG, TIFF, WBMP, WMF
    Audio Features Audio Equalizer
    Audio Recording AAC
    Audio Streaming
    Bluetooth Stereo
    Music Player
    Audio Formats AAC, AAC+, AMR-NB, AMR-WB, M4A, MIDI Tones (poly 64), MP3, MP4, Mobile XMF, RealAudio 7,8,10, SP-MIDI, True tones, WAV, WMA, eAAC+
    Max User Storage 81 MB
    NAND Memory 256 MB
    Free Executable RAM Memory
    Memory Card Micro SD
    Max Memory Card Size 16 GB (8gig micro sd included in package)
    Maximum Heap Size Unlimited
    Maximum JAR Size Unlimited
    Local Connectivity Bluetooth 2.0 +EDR
    Bluetooth Stereo Audio
    Micro USB
    Nokia AV 3.5mm
    Nokia microUSB Cable CA-101
    USB 2.0 High-Speed
    USB Mass Storage
    Video Cable Nokia CA-75U
    WLAN support 802.11b/g
    Messaging IM
    Email Protocol IMAP4
    Email Solution Mail for Exchange
    OMA E-mail Notification v1.0
    Messaging Feature OMA Multimedia Messaging Service v1.3
    Document Formats Excel, PDF, Powerpoint, Word, Zip
    Power Management 2.0mm Charger Connector
    Battery BL-5J 3.7V 1320 mAh
    Maximum Talk Time
    GSM Talk Time 8.8 hours
    WCDMA Talk Time 5 hours
    VoIP Talk Time
    Maximum Standby Time
    GSM Standby Time 406 hours
    WCDMA Standby Time 400 hours

  • Sanjeev

    I am planning to buy 5800… any suggestions if someone is already using the phone


    look people how many phones have Apple made?
    exactly!Nokia has been in this business for years,it’s their specialty.Oh and you sinply have no choice on controlling your network with the iPhone,please tell me,is that a phone or a normal iPod touch that can just make A CALL!!!!!!!
    And guys it comes with the 8Gig SD card,what you complaining about!!
    think man…it’s obvious

  • Manish

    Lets wait and C………..

  • abdelhamid

    this mobile is amazing i willll bring it afcorse it is amazing and the camera 3.2 and also it have 2 cameras waw its very very very very nice :D:D:D:D:D:D when i find knew mobile like this i feel my self that u found what mobile i want and it is 5800 nokia mobile :D:D:D.

  • iamm7md

    It seems to me that every body misunderstood what is happening. Nokia was not competing with Apple on this phone at all. They just have a new system “Symbian OS S60 5th Edition” and it can work with touch screen as well as the regular Nokia new phones. If you think about it, Nokia can take down Apple iPhone any time they want. but why competing with some thing that is already sinking. Apple force you and control when and how you should use your phone, eventhough you paid $80+ for AT&T data plan and the phone price.

  • mia

    anyone knows when 5800 will be available on

  • Thomson

    I dont when it come to US but it hit UK last week and have already sold over 1 million.

  • Me

    It haves a memory slot for SD up to 16 gb

  • Satyajit

    “140MB on-board storage” will be 80MB not 140MB.

    And I have the phone and that what it shows me.

  • Thomson

    Yep the 5800 Tube are the best you can get today sprcial when see how little the Tube cost

  • winstrol online

    I think that Nokia is a great brand in a cell phone my mom has one she loves it. I think my entire family has Nokia phones and we have had them for about 3 years and we love them.

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