Nike and Apple do it again – Nike+ coming to iPhone

Nike and Apple do it again - Nike+ coming to iPhoneThe Nike and Apple collaboration that resulted in the Nike+ SportKit fitness monitor was the best thing to happen to geeked-out waistlines the world over. Exclusively released for Apple’s iPod Nano music player, the Nike+ SportKit consisted of an accelerometer-based pedometer and wireless receiver. The wireless module plugs directly into the iPod Nano’s dock connector and monitors the distance, time, pace, and calories burned with the help of the pedometer’s telemetry.

Nike+ no doubt gave sedentary geeks a higher-tech excuse to actually get off their duff and get some exercise – I know it did for me (however brief the workout stint may have lasted). Well, it seems that Apple and Nike are back to their old, collaborating ways. The duo is expected to extend support for the workout-tracking Nike+ technology to the iPhone and iPod Touch. It’s not too hard to imagine that the Nike+ wireless module could be slightly tweaked to work with the iPhone, so it makes sense that Apple and Nike would bring the tech to the iconic handset.

And, in the face of Samsung’s partnership with Adidas to release the Samsung F110 Adidas Fitness Phone with the miCoach training software, it’s not surprising that Apple would bring their pioneering Nike+ technology to the iPhone

There’s even speculation that the iPhone-compatible version of Nike+ will allow on-the-fly updating of your workout log (over WiFi and presumably 3G, when it becomes available). Current Nike+ users have to dock their iPod Nano with their computer in order to upload workout information, but with the iPhone, we could see some truly wireless workout tracking in the near future.

I’m looking forward to dusting off my Nike+ module and using it on the iPhone. It’s been a while since I donned those black and red Nike+ compatible running shoes of mine…


  • JG

    I wish they would find a way to integrate that transmitter into the Iphone. It’s a pain having that think sticking out on my nano…I couldn’t use bluetooth headphones and the nike+ as the same time. That’s not a issue I head if the new iphone has a2dp…but still…might as well just integrate it…

  • anoska

    Apple seems a bit clueless with these external devices for iPhone. Why the ¤#%¤% don’t they allow Bluetooth for the external devices? They want their cut of the sales by licensing the connector?

  • Jonathan


    For the iPhone Apple does not needs Nike’s help.
    The iPhone has its own accelerometer.
    With the right tweaking it could be replacing all needed hardware, including the shoes.

    What Gym will be…
    Plug the iPhone on your arm, it will register every movement.
    You’ll be able to do the same excersizes as the Wii Fit delivers.
    Even powertraining.

    The thing for jogging. iPhone will trak everything, also WHERE you run.
    So in that way, you could select a park where you want to run and the training. In that case, the iPhone could calculate the circuit through the park. Not only horizontal, but also vertical. Going up or dawn a hill, etc… That is the future of jogging. Mark my words.

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