T-Mobile goes live with BlackBerry Pearl 8120

BlackBerry Pearl 8120 launched on T-MobileJust as expected, T-Mobile has made the BlackBerry 8120 Pearl officially official on their network. With WiFi in tow, the BlackBerry 8120 Pear takes consumer-oriented BlackBerry-ing to a new level on T-Mobile. Other carriers have been offering the BlackBerry Pearl 8120 for a tick, and now T-Mobile subscribers can join in on the fun.

Of course, the WiFi (b/g) radio in the T-Mobile BlackBerry 8120 Pearl offers a leg up on its GSM and CDMA (BlackBerry 8130) brethren with support for T-Mobile’s HotSpot @Home UMA service.

$150 and a new, 2-year contract will net you your very own UMA-compatible T-Mobile BlackBerry 8120 Pearl.

Head on over to Engadget Mobile for more live-shots of the BlackBerry Pearl 8120.

[Via: Engadget Mobile]

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