O2 and Carphone Warehouse offer £100 discount on iPhone 8GB

O2 drops price on 8GB iPhoneFollowing fellow European iPhone counterpart T-Mobile’s move to subsidize the iPhone 8GB when purchased with a a qualifying rate plan, O2 UK has announced that it will be shaving a cool £100 off the retail price of their iPhone 8GB stock. The offer is only valid from April 16 to June 1, and only applies to the 8GB iPhone variant. The iPhone 16GB will still cost £329.

Is T-Mobile cutting back on the 8GB iPhone price in an efort to try and clear out as much of the current iPhone stock in preparation for the 3G iPhone’s launch in June? It seems quite likely. iPhone stocks around the world are starting to dip to shortage-inducing lows, which bodes well for a near term launch of the 3G iPhone. And, the price drop on the 8GB model alone could even indicate that Apple will release the iPhone in a 32GB variant. Pure speculation? Sure it is. But, we’ll keep hoping until we’re told otherwise.

[Via: MacRumors]

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