VoIP and iPhone together at last – fring launches iPhone VoIP client

fring brings VoIP to iPHone as native applicationThere’s been considerable talk about VoIP services one the iPhone. With the release of the iPhone SDK, it was just a matter of time before native  applications for the iPhone started cropping up. And, it looks like leading VoIP provider fring has managed to beat out the competition by launching the first ever VoIP application for the iPhone.

fring brings VoIP to iPHone as native applicationfring says that their natively installed VoIP client for the iPhone is a “special pre-release R&D version of fring” created in conjunction with the Holon Institute of Technology academic research labs. The point of this release is to get feedback on the application in preparation for a full-blown, final release version later this year.

You’ll need a jailbroken iPhone and access to Installer.app (this is a native application, after all), so fring brings VoIP to iPHone as native applicationget to jailbreaking your iPhone if you haven’t already done so. You’ll need to add fring’s iPhone application repository (“http://fring.com/iphone.xml”) to your “Sources” list. Just fire up Installer.app, hit the “Sources” button located along the bottom edge of the Installer window. Hit the “Edit” button in the upper right corner, and then hit “Add” in the upper left corner. When prompted, enter “http://fring.com/iphone.xml” into the URL field.

You’ll see a new application category named “Fring” in your main Installer.app window. Click that and install the package – you’ll be off and VoIP-ing in no time with fring on your iPhone!

Go install fring and enjoy all that fring-y VoIP goodness.

fring brings VoIP to iPHone as native applicationfring brings VoIP to iPHone as native application

  • Markus

    I love Fring for Symbian phones. It is a shame, that the iPhone doesn’t support VoIP natively. Fring is a nice solution for that purpose.

  • VoIP software

    I have a quesiton, does it work on iPhone 4 and iPad? Thanks.

    I am planning buying an iPhone 4.

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