Nokia 6500 Classic coming in silver

Nokia 6500 Classic in silver

Now if handset makers could inform us through a press release that some of their existing phones is available in new color, that would be awesome. I ranted about this in the past and I’ll stop here…

Nokia 6500 Classic is going to be released in new color – silver. Nokia’s official website proves so, and some retailers like MobileFun in the UK are already accepting pre-orders, though they’re not saying when the device will be available. The price is not disclosed, as well. The way I see it, there’s no reason to make the silver version cost more. Check your local phone retailer within next couple of weeks if you crave for one.

  • Stefan Constantinescu

    now that is a sexy phone!

  • Topy

    Looks great 2x better compared to black…..but i’m more than happy with my bronze version that imo looks best.

  • Novembrine

    “some of their existing phones is available”? 😀


  • Stefan Constantinescu

    Topy: Why are you not carrying an S60 device?!

  • Topy

    Have had E90 and 6300 currently i got N82 and 6500c.

  • Joe

    It look awesome! I want it!

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