Video: Enkin, GPS based augmented reality for Google’s Android

The concept is simple, point your phone at the horizon and look at your screen to get more information about your surroundings. Rafael Spring and Max Braun wrote a program Enkin for Google’s Android that does just that as their submission to the Android Developer Challenge. With the recent announcement that KML is now an official standard for marking up maps I can totally see a future where you can grab different data depending on your situation to overlay on your world or even share the data you created with your private friends or even the world! Enough hypothesizing, check out what these two guys did below and don’t forget to download the PDF saying how they did it.

Enkin from Enkin on Vimeo.

[Via: Wireless Watch Japan]

  • Andrew

    I think I’ve already seen concepts of stuff like this but none have actually implemented it before. Google need to jump on something like this and make it a standard that can roll out with Android because it’s the sharing part that’s gonna make this take off. It’d be great if I was trying to direct a friend to my house and I could just send him my location using my handset and he could see it in real time like that.

    I assume it’s going to be relying on data from Google Maps to locate buildings and stuff without adding each one manually though. They’ll need to work on that cos last time I checked Google wasn’t that precise in marking the buildings, usually just the street or business park (or in that time I was trying to find a pub in a village, neither).

  • Markus

    That is really impressive.

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