Blue Palm Centro gets real for Verizon Wireless

Palm’s surprisingly successful Palm Centro smartphone has been spotted wearing a Verizon Wireless logo. With the consumer-oriented handset making waves on AT&T and Sprint and expected to land on T-Mobile in the near future, Palm’s going for a Centro hat-trick by bringing the Palm Centro to Verizon Wireless (launching the Palm Centro on T-Mobile would give Palm an industry-rare golden sombrero).

Palm Centro for Verizon Wireless

What we see here is the Verizon-branded Palm Centro wearing the same Blue color that we saw on the Mexican and Colombian Palm Centro. The Blue color will apparently be the first color available through Verizon Wireless, so if that AT&T White/Green color scheme is more your style, you’ll want to wait it out with Verizion or head on over to greener GSM pastures.

[Via: Engadget Mobile]

  • Raidium

    And what did I say? I so called this!! Woooo!! In your face – the one that doubted my comment on the first post of the navy blue centro!

    Ahem…sorry, just got alittle excited. LoL.

  • Steve

    Yes, but when? How much longer to wait?

  • chino

    anyone have any firm dates on this?

  • Jill

    Question: I have two Palm Centro phones (Sprint PCS) if I were to cancel my Sprint service – would I be able to obtain Verizon service using the Sprint Centros? A friend who used to work for Verizon said that Verizon should be able to activate the phones if I just provide the ESN #s.

  • JR

    I’m dying to get this — still no word on when it’s coming to Verizon??

  • Raidium

    Why r u dieing to get this? Why not just wait for the Treo 800 rather then this? I own one and it’s a nice device and all but with all the new stuff coming out, in order to stay up with it all, u almost have to wait for the 800. I’m jsut saying…

  • Steve

    The 800 will be a WM OS and he may not want that OS. I know for myself I wouldn’t want a WM device as I prefer the Palm OS.

  • Raidium

    Oh yeah, thats right. Forgive me. It completely slipped my mind.

  • tk421 71

    Anyone having probs with their Verizon Centro? Mine started locking up after 2 days; took it back to vzn. They tried to soft reset(as I already did several times to no avail) with the sd card in with no luck…then took the card out, replaced the battery and it wouldnt even power up… they then replaced the sd card and it started working ok but just in case they ended up trading me for a different one. Vzn couldnt explain it as the new one I got seemed to work ok with the sd card. Hopefully this one will work out, if not then i will get a Treo(with Palm OS).

  • kevin

    The palm centro is a nice beginer phone. However, beware its short commings. First the desktop software is NOT compatible with windows XP media version. Second, You can not enter a date book event that crosses from one day to the next. It will cause the desktop software crash. Third, if you enter a contacts birth date in the contacts page it will nolonger show up as an event in the date book. You must manually enter it into the date book. Fourth, If you have an issue, when you get through to India for tech support, don’t count on much. They will you the fix is to remove the software and reinstall it. So if you keep these issues in mind and can work with them the Centro is a nice basic device, not for gthe hardcore business proffesional.

  • BiteMe

    I m getin 1 of these but 4 sprint i cant wait till i get 1 they seem so kool

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