SpinVox Stat attack: uplifting messages


SpinVox, the rather excellent voice-to-text company have mailshotted me to let me know about some of their latest stats – I thought I would share these for your edutainment:

  • Our Carriers are reporting a 33% uplift in Voicemail deposits, as the calling party knows their message will be seen in minutes.
  • 87% of people return a SpinVox message, which is driving a 10% uplift in voice and 15% in text.
  • This is all equating to a 110% uplift in the voice message revenue line.
  • 40% of SpinVox subscribers say they prefer unlimited ‘all-you-can-eat’
    conversion plans to the pay-per-conversion approach.
  • The active SpinVox user base has now passed half a million and is on target to hit six million by mid 2008.
  • In Q1 volumes doubled month-on-month in line with our expectations and we are due to continue at this rate throughout the year.

Comment: this really does just confirm the strength of the voice-to-text business model, and moreover, how SpinVox are operating extremely well in this area. V-T-T is a genuinely useful service (I “use” it all the time with people dropping voicemails to me), and SpinVox should be congratulated on their success to date – well done guys (and girls)!

Check out more (including a free trial) at SpinVox’s website: http://www.spinvox.com

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