Verizon release dates for LG VX9700 Dare, VX8610 Decoy and VX8560 Chocolate Flip

LG VX9700 Dare, VX8610 Decoy and VX8560 Chocolate Flip

Some Verizon dates have been leaked. We’re talking about three devices – the LG VX8610 which we saw earlier “in the wild,” the Prada-like VC9700 and the LG VX8560 Chocolate Flip phone. Apparently:

  • The VX8610 Decoy, slider with a unique built-in removable Bluetooth headset, is reportedly scheduled to hit the online offering on May 30th and Verizon stores on June 9th.
  • Then goes the LG VX8560 Chocolate Flip, an update to the VX8600 model with large external screen and music controls, which is set for an on-line release of June 24th and an in-store release early July.
  • Finally, the all-touchscreen equipped LG VC9700 Dare is expected to have an on-line release of July 4th and an in-store release by mid-July. The device is basically the U.S. version of the Prada phone sans branding and among other things sports a large WQVGA touchscreen, 3.2 megapixel camera with Schneider Kreuznach lens, and on-screen QWERTY keypad.

None of the information above is confirmed by Verizon, though dates certainly make sense. We’ll keep our eyes wide open and get back to you as soon as we have a new tidbit of information.

[Via: PhoneArena]

  • james

    I think the question we are all waiting for is if it has WIFI or did they strip the main component off of it.

    If I am going to cough up $300 for a phone, I need Wifi.

  • chalie

    Im with James, i hate when verizon takes great phone and stripes it. I need wifi also!!!!

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