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If you haven’t yet spotted it, allow me to direct your attention to the left-most portion of your browser window. You should see a floating “Feedback” button next to the main column.

IntoMobile is always looking for new ways to give our community of mobile enthusiasts the most extensive and relevant resource on the web. As such, we try hard to give you, the reader, what you want to see on IntoMobile.

So, hit up the “Feedback” button and tell us what you’d most like to see next. Your vote counts, so make yourself heard!

  • neophyte

    While I enjoy the content of your site, I find it very slow and bloated with ads.

    By slow, I mean it is sluggish scrolling on a 2.8GHz machine. Even after loading, it still feels choppy.

    Did I mention bloated? More elegant / minimal / simplified design would surely boost the accessibility of your site.

  • neophyte

    P.S. maybe it is just I.E. 7 making scroll seem choppy.

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