iPhone takes top spot as Flickr’s most prolific cameraphone

iPhone takes top spot in cameraphones on FlickrSay what? The iPhone’s lowly camera with no flash or zoom has risen to the top of Flickr’s cameraphone camera-stats?

Indeed it has. With Flickr and other online photo-hosting services giving mobile users the ability to directly upload photos from their cellphones, it seems the iPhone users have taken to posting their mobile pics with abandon. iPhone users need only add a special Flickr email to their contacts list,  and uploading photos to Flickr is a simple matter of sending an iPhone photo to the special email – all it takes is a couple button presses. And, it seems that the lower quality (which isn’t saying it’s bad quality) camera and optics on the iPhone hasn’t stopped users from making the iPhone the most prolific cameraphone on Flickr – even more so than the top-dog Nokia N95.

Flickr data, based on meta-data embedded within the photos, show that the iPhone recently surpassed all other cameras in its class after a steady climb to the top of the charts.

So, are you one of the iPhone Flickr users that helped take the iPhone to new heights? Sound off in our comments.


  • JonnyBruha

    All the N95 and N73 users jumped ship to Ovi. 😉

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