Samsung names new CEO – Lee Yoon Woo

With the ouster of Lee Kun-hee as the company’s chariman last month, Samsung’s getting back in to the swing of things. Samsung announced today that its CEO Yun Jong Yong has stepped down from the top position at South Korea’s largest company. To fill the newly vacant position, Samsung has named a new CEO to lead the company during its transition period. Lee Yoon-woo, who was most recently posted as Chief Technology Officer at Samsung, will be taking the reigns at Samsung after working for the company for 31 years.

The new CEO is seen by some as a “bench-warmer” for former chairman Lee’s son, Lee Jae Yong. At just 39 years old, the former chairman’s son has been groomed to take the lead at Samsung. But, following the tax-scandal that led to his father’s resignation, Lee Jae Yong’s rise to the top could be delayed to let his father’s shady activities get rung out through the news cycle.

Samsung names new CEO - Lee Yoon Woo

“Samsung is in for a longer-term leadership change,” says Kim Sun Woon, head of the Center for Good Corporate Governance. “Lee Yoon Woo could be a seat warmer for Chairman Lee’s son, but my personal hope is that he will help lay some groundwork for a more sustainable management system to make the company independent from other group companies.”Regardless, Samsung will continue doing business as usual and is expected to continue to excel in its TV, LCD display, and handset manufacturing endeavors.

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  • tony pease

    i would be most grateful of your help with this inquiry. i have been trying to email samsung with reference to the clp 300 laser printer. i bought one last year (2007) which lasted around 12 months before an error ( which turned out to be a fatal error )in which the paper became stuck at the last stage at the exit which makes it quite impossible to free because of the design of the printer. i had been quite impressed with the printer up to then so i bought another, exactly the same make and model. i bought it in february of 2008 and today the 22 of september the same problem has occurred causing me to scrap this computor too because neither staples ( the store of purchase ) or samsung are likely to reimburse me. i am hopping mad with myself for buying another model of the same make after my initial trouble with it a classic case of hope over experience i suppose. i have a couple or so questions for samsung i.e., is samsung aware of the problem and are prepared to tolerate it for the sake of business? have they attempted to do anything about it? and have i any chance of samsung replacing the model as an act of goodwill on their part? i am desperately trying to contact yoon woo lee with this and i would be most grateful of any advice which would be of help to me.




  • The Anh

    Hello SAMSUNG,
    I Have a idea about a Product (Will be “BEST SELLER” of SAMSUNG)
    Where I can present for you? give me the Email where i can send
    to you my Presentation of the PRODUCT.
    Waitting for you reply by mail.
    The Anh

  • Sweetpea

    Samsungs policies and waranties and customer services are a Joke!! get some real people.
    I bought a new fridge in February of last year and it has broken down 4 times, and they still refuse to exchange it.

    THATS PATHETIC, i have lost all faith in any samsung products and i will make it known..


  • Rick

    I don’t Care who you are, how big you are, or how cool your product is. When you can’t and more importantly won’t support a customer decision to buy your product, Your days are numbered. On the flip side if you make an OK product, middle of the road, serves a purpose, and back it up with a killer no hassle customer service program, you will win every time. The only way to counter bad quality in products, or failures in customer service is to Spend more money on marketing (and I mean millions) to counter it. All this does is drive the price up on the same bad product and eventually you price yourself out of the market. Customer service is a process, and it has a cost if it is real, and can be the end-all to a company.

    I have been dealing with the “Executive customer service” department of Samsung which is apparently outsourced. This strips the company of all ability to take the bull by the horns and get he job done when a customer has gone through the ringer to resolve an issue. Customer service has evolved from a service in which a company can protect it’s relations and customer base, to a PR stunt to say you have it. Bottom line is Samsung says they offer it but it is there to pacify and patronize you till your worn out. But hey, they have a headline called customer service but it really is complaint management.

    Tech Support is not the solution although they tried to run me through and fix it, also asked me to intrude on my neighbor with my problem to test my BD on their TV. That’s great PR.

    The retailer they allowed to purchase and sell the product, Blockbuster, has an As is no return policy that you find out about post sale if there is a problem.

    If I was trying to establish a brand I certainly would not let a retailer interfere with that process. Bottom line is x% of a product will fail out of the box, and x% will fail within the first 90 Days. It’s how much trouble, inconvenience, and money you cost that customer who bought the X% of product that can make or break you.

    CVE the repair facility has failed to follow up as well. It’s unclear who your calling, but CVE says it is Samsung, Samsung says it is CVE. Great Business model.

    I want to reach someone at Samsung who can realize that Samsung and it’s agents have failed to get the job done in an effective, enjoyable, efficient manner. Someone who can transition from complaint processing and pacifying to take the bull by the horns and get the job done no matter what. Even if your the one who answers the phone part-time or empties the trash.

    Right now Samsung is making their problem, my problem. They should deal with their own problems on their time.

    How valuable is the “Nordstrom Customer Service Approach” to a companies bottom line. Could anyone really ever beat them on customer service. If a company infused a culture of true customer service in which they lived an died by, would they be just as profitable with happier customers, would it encourage the customer base who by chance get the X% of flawed products to buy again? If a company had true customer service and the attrition rate of their current customer base was far less than it is today could they increase sales while spending less on advertising to recapture new customers to make a gain and cover the loss.

    Should they be a leader in Customer Service/appreciation or do they follow when sales are on a decline and the honeymoon is over?

    Seriously, think about how much they spend in consumer advertising, I represent a total purchase price of 3,000 between 2 products. How much does it cost you to 1.) acquire me as a customer, then 2.) how much does it cost you if you loose me as a customer.

    I need to spend more money and here is what the loss is. In the next say 12 months or less I need to purchase a newer stereo system, 2 more Plasmas, and another BD player. That spend will = x over the course of about a year.

    Now I have made countless phone calls, to get a product I sent in for repair that was broken out of the box. I have taken time off work at the expense of pay to deal with their problem.

    No one has done anything to keep their commitment.

    No one has followed-up, when they said they would.

    No one wants to make a difference and get it resolved. Just empty apologies, and promises.

    They talk the talk but can’t walk the walk. I don’t need your kind fake empty promises, sympathy, blame shifting on your contractors, excuses,… your problems, I need results.

    I mentioned Nordstrom Customer service earlier. This is how Nordstrom’s handles customer service. This is through experience. This is how you EARN my business whether it is a 3000 dollar TV or a 250 dollar Blu-Ray.

    My wife was picking up some clothes she purchased at Nordstrom’s from their alterations department. It was the last stop of the day, running late, and needed the clothes for her business trip. The Only way to pay for the 36.00 in alterations of the 1,500 worth of clothes was in cash. She does not carry cash on her. It became an issue, so she asked the lady for a pair of scissors, gave her back the clothes to pick up later, and took out her Nordstrom’s credit card and cut it up. Went home, packed and went on her trip. When she came back to work the following morning, there were 3 people waiting on her, at her office, with her clothes. The Nordstrom’s store manager, the alterations lady, and a Senior VP who flew in from the corporate office on a days notice. The General Manager of the Store was there to Apologize for her experience in the store and asked that sometime in the future if she would give her a chance to earn her business again, The alterations lady had her clothes for her and also extended her apologies for adding to her frustrations that day, The VP who flew in from half-way across the country was there to thank her for her past business, and presented her with a new Nordstrom’s card hoping they could earn her business again when she was ready.

    My wife was in awe, Were not rich, we don’t buy 250,000 suites or jewelry, just a plain old middle class American family who likes nice things. The VP thanked her because she brought to light a flaw in their companies culture of true customer service. He explained to her how they realized that by empowering every employee to do the right thing when policy does not make perfect sense will be rewarded in many different ways. Any interaction with any part of their company needs to live and breathe customer service. As they were talking Department heads from all over the world were communicating, implementing and training every employee from the top to the bottom on how to truly provide and care for a customer.

    Now that is company who walks the walk. Not so sure any one will ever surpass that. But I wonder over the past two years of her sharing that experience with friends and family how many sales they have generated, how the experience is viewed.

    If time is Money think about the expense in time and airfare fuel and everything just to right a wrong.

    Knowing the difference in the value of a customer and not accepting or better yet creating attrition is the difference between long term gains and short lived 1 hit wonders.

    I can tell you, unfortunately, my wife has spent a lot of money with Nordstrom’s since then, with so many other options at hand.

    I’m sure Samsung has a lot of happy customers, but this one is not. I had to take two days off work, without pay, to follow-up on some stupid Blu-Ray player because no one was doing what they were supposed to do. All for nothing.

    Should I really trust in Samsung that the 8th person I had to repeat myself to will be any different than the 1st or 7th. I can tell you this. I will take the TV I have and sell it for whatever I can get for it on Craig’s list, hopefully this kill a sale of a new product they may have bought from you, and go buy a TV from Sony, and then a Blu-Ray Player from Sony, And then a Sony TV for the Bedroom, Then for the Family Room along with another Blu-ray Player. Then the Stereo System. Because at least they deserve a chance when Samsung has blown 8 of them.

    Hope someone there has the balls to make this right.

    I can be reached at if you would like to take care of Business or just chalk this up to an acceptable loss. If you are a legitimate rep from Samsung I will provide you may case numbers.

    Other wise best wishes.

  • Kevin K

    Don’t buy anything from Samsung unless you feel like throwing your money away. I have bought 2 Samsung products in the last couple years and both failed while still under warranty. In both cases I was unable to get a hold of customer service. They don’t answer their phone and don’t respond to emails. Their online service request engine will just you and error code so you have no way to do anything!

  • Ann Careccia

    We purchased a Samsung 42″ TV, 2 and 1/2 years ago. We paid over $1,000.00 for it and expected it to last more than 2 and 1/2 years before needing repairs.
    Needless to say, the pixels are going bad. As of today, 12 pixels are broken. Each day one or more break. We did not buy an extended warrantee at the time of purchase, because we have a Hitachi for over 20 years and have not spent $1.00 on repairs. We can’t afford to have this TV fixed and before long won’t have any pixels left to see the picture.
    I am hoping that this note doesn’t fall of deaf ears and that you will do something to rectify this unfortunate situation. Thank you.

  • Thomas

    My Samsung TV died, they won’t honor the warranty, and they can’t even get anyone to come and fix it. Their customer service is a joke. Stay far away from this company.

  • Praveen Kumar Gupta

    I have purchased c-5212 dul sim mobile only 1 month back. While calling to someone the voice quality was not good in it. So, I had taken it to Samsung service center, address is as under:
    Electro Serve Centre, B-27, Moti Nagar, Delhi-110015
    They had re-loaded some software in it to correct the voice clearity. But after that the mobile does not work at all. It was hanged on first screen. They told me that there is a problem in motherboard. Whereas it was working fine before I had taken it to service center. I had given my mobile to service center in working condition, so they have sent the mobile to Samsung Head Office in Delhi & told me that you will be given a new mobile or if it is not available in stock the payment will be refunded. They have given me a paper with work order No. WA54860916053 dtd. 15th Sep’2009, & also written TR Payment Refund
    on it. Kindly arrange to make the replacement/payment refund urgnetly, As I have only one mobile & I am suffering a lot without it.
    IMEI No. 353350030574752
    Sl No. RW4S765332W
    work order No. WA54860916053

    Praveen Gupta
    New Delhi-110018

  • deb

    I brought my dad a Samsung TV in Feb 2008. It recently started fading in and out with the color. I called Samsung and they refused to do anything about this. The Tv is not even 2 years old yet and it will need a major part costing around $300.00. Samsung does not stand by there products at all and I will never purchase any of there products again. They want your money when you buy there products but let something go wrong and they dont even want to talk to you.
    Customer service said the Tv is out of its 2year warranty. Obvisouly they cant count because feb 2008 to Nov 2009 is not 2 years old.

  • victor

    This is for Yoon-Woo Lee the new ceo of Samsung. I will never purshase another product with thhe samsung name on it. I was all excited when I purchase a 40 LCD tv and home theater system that was samsung also. The speaker system was shot one month after purschased and the custommer support is plain awfully. It is impossible to write letters via email to anyone in the corporate office and the custommer service manager was suppose to call and didn’t hear a word for the company.Will tell all my friend and coworker not to buy samsung products because of the lousy service that they provide. Now I am stuck with a broken samsung theater systems.

  • vin

    I bought a 26″ LCD Flat Panel TV in Mid-October 2008 and in Mid-February 2010, it broke down [that is a total of 16-months]. I am out of warrantee and did not purchase the extended warranty as I expected to get at least 4 or 5-years of service from it. They tell me that I can ship it to New Jersey at my expense, plus an $80.00 assessment fee to look at it plus shipment back as well as any parts needed [plus parts tax]. I estimate that if I go this route, it will cost me at least $200.00. Now who in their right mind would put another $200.00 into a set only 16-months old that cost $550.00? If I dont get resolve; that it is for Samsung as far as I am concerned. I wish I had seen this site before I bought, or I would’t have bought a Samsung. If they dont get their quality together and take care of their customers, they are going to have a difficult time selling product in the future. Vin

  • Bianca Walker

    I bought a samsung side by side fridge which was running a promotion at the time that you would get a free 22 inch flat screen tv. It has been 5mths and numerous phone calls later and i still have not received my tv. I keep getting told all diferent stories. Will never buy another Samsung product again.

  • Teresa

    I have a Samsung digital camera (Digimax S1000) which has never worked correctly from the day I bought it. The problem is after taking 10-20 pictures, the low battery message comes on & the camera shuts down. I assumed that it was because it was a 10 MP camera &just "ate up batteries." I sent it in for repair before the warranty expired & it was supposedly fixed. It worked ok for a month (until after the warranty expired) & then the the problem came back. I could take about 5 or 6 pictures & then nothing. I have tried every kind of battery imaginable with up to 2800 mAh and the same result. Now, the camera will do nothing….no pictures whatsoever. Samsung offered to repair it for $190. USD. What idiot would pay that amount of money to have the same problem fixed again when it wasn't fixed the first time? I am most unhappy with the lack of service I have received & will not recommend this product to anyone. I honestly believed that Samsung would want to keep their customers happy but I guess since I'm just one fish in the ocean, they could care less.

  • Ebru

    Lee Yoon Woo…This guy is a loser. Because, in his work there is no respect. Because this man can not hear the sound of its customers. If this man had been a successful CEO, today I would not be the victim of a consumer. I simply bought a vacuum cleaner. it broke down within two months. And I’m waiting for repair for two months. I made a phone call with customer service several times. I sent an e-mail. but I am still the victim. I have two boy. I’m begging neighbor and a vacuum cleaner! Give me my money back. I hate the Samsung brand. after that I do not want to use Samsung brand. Dear CEO, you never heard of total quality management approach? fish begins to rot or smell in the head. This is a beautiful expression. Hear me! Listen to me! because this is your task! Give me my money back!

  • Steve

    I purchased a top of range Samsung American style fridge freezer that had a 2 year warranty. It went wrong after 12 months and all they are offering under the warranty, is to replace it with the bottom of the range model. This is terrible customer service and probably against all consumer laws. Samsung customer service is a joke.




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