Motorola RAZR2 Pink Silver edition looks cool, I guess

Motorola RAZR2 Pink Silver

Is it the lack of innovation at Motorola or just an idea to maximize revenue from the existing devices? Or both? Don’t know, but following the introduction of the ultra-cool RAZR2 V9 Ferrari Edition, the American handset maker has unveiled a new flavor of the device. With its “luxurious yet tranquil look and carefully-selected features”, the MOTO RAZR2 Pink Silver is obviously targeted towards female consumers. Actually it’s designed to “appeal to the confident young generation,” according to Lim Joung Ah, Marketing Director of Motorola Korea.

Unfortunately, or not, you won’t be able to grab the pink RAZR2 at this stage. That’s if you’re not living/working in Korea, and judging by IntoMobile’s stats, it’s not that likely you’re reading this from Seoul. SK Telecom will be selling the device but we’re not sure how much it will cost. My guess is not that much with some contract.

Finally, in case you care, the specs of the RAZR2 Pink Silver edition are unchanged to the original device.

[Via: Unwired View]

  • Raidium

    Yeah, Motorola isn’t going to be doing very well unless they introduce something new and fast. The RAZR is used goods and they need to stop playing on it. The people need something new, something fresh!

  • Maciek

    I wish the websites would refrain from commenting on a device updates involving a new colour.

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