Verizon reminds its users they’re in control when it comes to SMS

Verizon users are on the rage when it comes to text messaging. During the first quarter of 2008, the CDMA carrier reportedly delivered nearly 58 billion text messages from coast to coast.

Hence, Verizon wants to remind its users they can put SMS to control with “numerous consumer-friendly options to block some or all text messages.”

VerizonThese options include:

  • Blocking: Users can log into or using their mobile number and password, and set filters to block unwanted text messages. Available options include blocking messages from the Web/Internet (where most spam is generated), blocking all messages from e-mail, messages from up to 15 specific domain names or e-mail addresses, and/or allowing only texts sent to a
  • Premium SMS Blocking: By logging into “My Verizon” on Verizon’s website (under “Features” -> “Add/Delete”), users can block only text messages for short code campaigns that involve premium charges.
  • V-BLOCK: Users can prevent a specific mobile phone number from sending or receiving text messages, allowing only voicemail alerts to be received.

Finally, if all this sounds too complicated, you can call Verizon’s customer service and they’ll do all the blocking for ya’.

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