Helio Ocean 2 specs, image leaked

Helio Ocean 2Helio’s recent price-drop on the Helio Ocean was rumored to be paving the way for the first new handset from the MVNO in quite some time – the Helio Ocean 2. And, seeing as how Helio passed their “OZ2” through the FCC’s testing labs, the Helio Ocean 2’s launch was all but expected in the near-term.

Unfortunately for Helio customers, the final details on the Helio Ocean 2 are still getting hashed out in the company’s R&D labs. But, thanks to a little birdy with loose lips (beak?), we’ve got some juicy specs that could very well make it in to the production version of the Ocean 2.

It seems that Virgin Mobile negotiations aren’t the only thing that Helio is keeping themselves busy with. We’re hearing that the next-generation Helio Ocean will sport a 3 megapixel camera, 30 fps video recording, 1 GB storage, microSDHC card slot for memory expansion, touch-sensitive directional pad, Flash support, and PC sync support – all in the familiar dual-sliding form-factor that made the Helio Ocean such a pleasure to use.

We’ll keep our ears to the grapevine for more information on the Helio Ocean 2. And, while you’re waiting, enjoy the barely visible picture of the Helio Ocean 2. Stay tuned.

[Via: Engadget Mobile]

  • Ken Santarelli

    I love my Ocean, its my favorite out of all the Helio device’s I’ve owned. I’ve owned the Hero, Kickflip, Drift, Heat, and Fin. When I switched to Helio in October 2006 from AT&Tingular, there were many features I left behind on my phone. I had a Sony Ericsson W600i. What I’d like to see on the Ocean II is the features that were on the Sony Ericsson W600i that aren’t already on the Ocean. The features include: FM Radio w/ RDS & Automatic retuning for stations that have more than 1 frequency, Bluetooth file transfer, Bluetooth remote control for projectors and powerpoint, and the ability to let the music player run in the background while you do other stuff. I also want to see the Ocean II have that rainbow light ring around the D-Pad like the Hero did.

  • Aysha

    My frustration is that I’m about to buy the Ocean and now the Ocean two is about to come out it seems, though I doubt I can get it for the deal I’m getting the Ocean for. Still, I can’t decide if I should stick with AT&T just a bit longer and wait for the Ocean II to come out, or go ahead and dive into that two year contract with Helio and get my first QWERTY phone. I can’t stand the fact that my V3XX keeps freezing when I use DATA and the IM client that comes with the phone only lets you be on one SN at a time. BS!

    I used to love the RAZR, now I’m starting to hate it. >.

  • Jake Cadden

    I won one of the ten Ocean 2 handsets from the Ocean 2 Promo. I will let you guys know in the next couple of weeks when I should have it for the pre-release. I will let you guys know how it looks and will try to post some pictures up for you guys. Good luck for the rest of the people in winning the nine other Ocean 2 handsets that will be given away during the beta release for each day until it is released.

  • mario

    i hope we woll be able to watch videos from web sites on the #2 because u cant from #1.is that what flash support means? some one tell me

  • Selena

    Helio’s upgrades suck, I have an Ocean now and it freezes constantly and my “ultimate inbox” is useless. I’m more than eligible for an upgrade and you know what my options are? upgrade to another Ocean for $50, when they cost $80 right now. (such a deal) or wait for the OZ2 and upgrade for $150. (still not a deal after 2 years of being a loyal customer) I loved Helio, they have the best plans, bar none. But the absolute worst customer service and they should be trying a little harder in the phone department

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