Palm CEO Ed Colligan talks up Linux-based Palm OS 2.0 – Nova

If you ask us, we’re done listening to Palm just talking about their Palm OS 2.0. We want to see the Linux-based revamp to the so-old-it’s-senile Palm OS before Palm’s mobile platform fades from our radar.

In an effort to keep us all interested in Palm’sPalm CEO Ed Coligan talks about Palm OS 2.0 overhauled mobile OS, the company’s CEO, Ed Colligan, talked up what he calls “Palm 2.0.” The new mobile platform is codenamed  “Nova,” and will be built on Linux, but Colligan refrained from referring to it as Palm OS 2.0. “I’m not coming up with the branding right now – whether it’s Palm OS 2.0 or Next Generation, we’re not coming up with the branding right now.” Who cares what you call it, just get it out in the open already.

Palm is apparently concentrating on endowing their new Palm OS “next-generation operating system with much more capabilities, driven around the Internet and Web-based applications.” Palm wants to launch their own OS because they want another stab at developing an integrated OS solution that we saw with the Palm OS’s initial release.

But, that’s not all. Colligan believes that their failed Foleo platform will be “vindicated someday,” hinting that the Foleo could be more in hibernation than six feet underground.

Now, the prospect of a fully integrated mobile platform that focuses on web-based application and web surfing really has our hopes up for the new Palm OS, Pam 2.0, next-generation, whatever it’s going to be called. Come on Palm, launch it before it’s too late. Palm Treo 900 powered by Nova? Bring it on.

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  • karmapolis

    Hmmm. “Nova” is a funny choice for a name of such a long-delayed product. “No va” means no-go in Spanish.

  • randygrenier

    Nova comes from latin and means “new.” It also means a star which suddenly increases in brightness thousands of times. Everybody likes to bash Palm. They’re doing the right thing by not releasing the new OS until its ready.

    My Treos have been great FUNCTIONAL phones. I’ve been listening to MP3’s on my Palm phones for years before anyone ever heard of iPods. I’ve been syncing to Outlook at work for years (only newly available in iPhone 3G). Bash away. I’m still getting good use for both work and personal.

    After the adolescent boys get over the thrill of their new Apple toys, the Palm Nova or Palm 2 or whatever its called may be the best, most useful, highly-functional smart phone around.

  • Jeanne

    I’m with Randy on this one. I got tired of waiting and turned in my Treo 680 for the ATT Tilt. Great phone, but the Windows Mobile software is terrible. It was glitchy as hell on my phone, but worse, it’s just not very intuitive. After a week I ran back to the store to retrieve my 680. It was gone and I settled on a Centro. I feel so much better now, my only fear is that the new OS may not be as easy as the old one. In any case, I’m willing to wait.

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