Nokia N95 shrank then cloned

small fake Nokia N95

Now, we’ve seen quite a few fake Nokia N95 devices. However, this time Chinese handset makers cloners went one step beyond. The so called “MM95″ is, you guessed that correctly, much smaller than the original device. However, it does keep the dual-sliding mechanism and therefore looks quite nice. Even though I shouldn’t praise fake devices, I must admit this baby (literally) rocks.

Specs wise, it’s a feature phone, boasting dual-band GSM (900/1800 MHz) radio, two cameras (one on front and one on the back), and 2.2-inch QVGA screen. As for the size, it’s not as small as that cute Nokia 5200 toy, but it’s small enough — the mini N95 measures 76.1×41.1×17.8 mm and weighs 72.8 grams.

Actually, this may be a good idea for Nokia, to create a similarly sized feature phone. It would look like the N95, but wouldn’t have all the features the famous smartphone has. There’s an idea… More images follow after the jump.

small fake Nokia N95 - pic 1

small fake Nokia N95 - pic 2

small fake Nokia N95 - pic 3

small fake Nokia N95 - pic 4

[Via: JampBLOG]

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