Video: Concept of what Firefox Mobile might look like

Firefox, the browser everyone loves (sorry Opera, you’re great, but I need my extensions), is getting serious about mobile browsing. They’re tired of seeing WebKit everywhere and here is what they have working on to battle the current incumbents:

Firefox Mobile Concept Video from Aza Raskin on Vimeo.

[Via: Aza’s Thoughts]

  • Will Park

    Love that UI. Can’t wait to get my hands on Firefox Mobile.

    Still, that bit about “it’s too hard to type on mobile” is going to eventually be a non-issue me thinks. But, for the meantime, Firefox Mobile looks amazing – especially for non-keyboard handsets out there.

  • Chad T

    I’m all about free, I use linux as my os and have firefox 3, but I would pay for firefox mobile… is what comes to mind.

  • Francis

    wow, that kills mobile safari for iphone.

  • Eric P

    You realize that Firefox is nowhere near to be used on any mobile device atm. 2009 might be the year we finally get something which might work in some phones…

    Meanwhile WebKit and Opera (and specially the latter) have been fooling around for years. Opera just released 9.5 for desktops. I’m pretty sure they’ll release Opera 9.5 for Mobile after Firefox has finally got FF3 out.
    And when Firefox Mobile some day may finally be out in some form, both main competitors are still having a huge advantage because their device base is a pretty much enormous when comparing to Mozilla.

  • Sarah

    Firefox should be able to run on the least common denominator of touch devices. Especially for touch-enabled interfaces direct manipulation is key. Along that line of thought, the interface should be operable with a finger.

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