Samsung i788 to hit AT&T as Samsung BlackJack III?

Samsung SGH-i788 BlackJack IIIWell, we previously told you that there are rumblings throughout the various intertubes that AT&T is looking to bring the WiFi, 3G (UMTS/HSDPA), and GPS-addled Samsung SGH-i788 on board as a touchscreen offering to its Windows Mobile 6.1 fans. Sure, that sounds all well and good, especially considering that the added features of the Samsung i788 (which is the US-spec i780, by the way) make it a veritable shoe-in as the next-step-up from the Samsung BlackJack II.

Now we’re hearing that AT&T may not just be welcoming the Samsung i788 in to its stable of smartphones, but will also be branding the handset as the BlackJack III – a successor to the venerable BJ2. Now, the question is, what will AT&T change when/if they decide to start peddling the Samsung i788 as the BlackJack III. Pray to the wireless gods that GPS and WiFi make the cut…

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