Images: Samsung i900 Omnia vs Apple iPhone

Samsung i900 Omnia vs Apple iPhone

Samsung certainly made the i900 Omnia with iPhone in mind. The way the device feels and looks, makes everyone think about Apple’s handset — or at least that’s my take.

Today we bring you couple of images comparing the two devices. With a 5 megapixel camera and that uber-cool TouchWiz user interface, Samsung may be onto something. Plus, the DivX certification doesn’t hurt as well… Keep reading for more images after the jump.

Samsung i900 Omnia vs Apple iPhone - pic 1

Samsung i900 Omnia vs Apple iPhone - pic 2

Samsung i900 Omnia vs Apple iPhone - pic 3

[Via: Just Another Mobile Phone Blog]

  • carlos

    It looks promising BUT it all depends on the specs, will it be Quad band GSM? what about #g with the US bands?

    other wise no chance.

  • miro

    Yeah, specs definitely will make or break this phone, especially when all phones now are compared to the iPhone whether they play videos and music or not. It’s already got the iPhone beat in the camera department. That TouchWiz interface is pretty slick too. The widgets are very cool. I just wish Samsung would’ve thrown in a virtual qwerty keyboard though.

  • damo

    samsung have put in a virtual qwerty keyboard this is what the iphone wants to be lets face it iphone is rubbish cant transfer files via bluetooth 2mp camera with no auto-focus, face detection etc… but this phone not 3g in usa only asia and europe lucky i live in uk

    • Bryce

      The Omnia has 3g for USA now because they have for Verizon and the Verizon version of it has a Verizon based radio in it and a lot more extra things.

  • john

    damo says: “but this phone not 3g in usa only asia”

    I would like to know were you got this information. Makes no sense.

  • Theresa

    Which of your iphone-beaters have:

    Built-in wi-fi that runs faster than the iphone’s?
    Which phone opens Word, Excel and PDF file attachments?
    Weigh less than 5 ounces?
    Which of them are thinner than 0.5″?
    Which have built-in GPS?
    Which can I install 500 different apps into?
    Which can I write my own code for?
    Which phone has more than 16 BILLION bytes of ram?
    Which have a better browser than Safari?
    Which have 100 accessories that I can buy at stores all over the world?
    Which phones cost less than $199?
    Which have multi-touch screens bigger than 3.5″?
    Which phone sells more than 1 million units… in 1 weekend?

    I thought so.

    Don’t get me wrong… I would *LOVE* to see 10 different companies making
    phones that have all those features. I’m just not seeing them over the past
    1-2 years. Maybe they’ll get on the ball in 2009 or 2010????
    (Of course… they will STILL be trying to play catch-up to the Iphone v3.0)

    What are they waiting for???

    There’s a reason why we are seeing so many companies/phones that are desperately trying
    to look like the iPhone: They are trying to *BE* the iPhone. (Or you can just, simply
    buy the actual iPhone instead.)

    • Bryce

      Th Omnia has all of that. Are you trying to say nothing is better than the Iphone or what?

  • RIK

    Built-in wi-fi that runs faster than the iphone’s?
    – The Samsung i900 Omnia… Check with youtube comparisons

    Which phone opens Word, Excel and PDF file attachments?
    – Every windows mobile device – AND they can edit them to…

    Weigh less than 5 ounces?
    Oh yeah… Cause my pants just drop right off, if my phone weighs more than that…

    Which of them are thinner than 0.5″?
    Well, according to these pictures, the dimensions are quite similar…

    Which have built-in GPS?
    Again… The samsung i900 omnia… (wich supports as good as every mobile GPS applications to…)

    Which can I install 500 different apps into?
    Well, NO OS’s for mobile devices has a larger portfolio of app’s than windows mobile… I don’t know the actual number, but I think 10.000 is setting it low…

    Which can I write my own code for?
    Again… WIndows mobile devices… Or anything that runs Java…

    Which phone has more than 16 BILLION bytes of ram?
    Seems your calculator (from the iPhone? :P) is malfunctioning. And just to talk in language, people understand, both the samsung i900 omnia and the iPhone 3G has 128 MB RAM.

    Which have a better browser than Safari?
    Again… Omnia. The Safari browser does absolutely nothing, the Opera 9.5 browser doesn’t. And it even plays flv’s. (Youtube style videos – just not only youtube).

    Which have 100 accessories that I can buy at stores all over the world?
    … Didn’t i just menchion how many applications you can get for windows mobile…?

    Which phones cost less than $199?
    Price? – Well, sincer the omnia hasn’t been released at this point, I won’t try to argue… But I think I’ll afford it…

    Which have multi-touch screens bigger than 3.5″?
    Multi-touch screen… You’re right… That’s the ONE thing the iPhone has… Is it nescessary? – Does it make anything easier than the TouchWiz system? -Think not…

    Which phone sells more than 1 million units… in 1 weekend?
    Hmmm… Just to answer your question, Nokia sells 1,5 million devices every 24 hours… But then again, I don’t think these numbers has anything to do with wich mobile is the better choice, compared to advertisement…

    So that’s basically 1 point for the iPhone, and 5 for the Omnia. And that’s just from YOUR arguments… Lets not forget about the camera…

    So… Wich mobile packs a 5 MP, autofocus, flashenabled, face -and smilerecognizing camera, compared to the iPhones 2MP, not even autofocusing, video incompatible camera, with no lighting what so ever?
    – The Samsung i900 Omnia.

    …And why is everything starting to be compared to the iPhone… It’s really not that special… No flash, autofocus, only 2 MP Camera, no bluetooth file exchange, no MMS, no video… I really don’t see the big fuzz… It doesn’t do ANYTHING this phone don’t… And I could say the same for the HTC Touch Diamond or Pro, or the Sony Ericsson Xperia X1…

    When all that is said, I DO believe, that the iPhone has a bright feature, in a couple of generations, once they catch up on the specs…

  • dovella

    the iPhone can do this..

    Here is the list

    The videocalling ?
    Cut / Copy / Paste are there?
    The MMS?
    The voice recorder?
    The movies can not be done?
    The Radio?
    The memory can be expanded?
    Bluetooth is? (or just for headphones?)
    The battery can replace?
    THE S.O. is a multitask? (eye exceptions)
    Can I download from the Internet? (not just pictures? ..)
    Can I attach to e-mail?
    The support java exist?
    Support Flash now?
    Can I use my cellphone as a modem for my notebook ?
    The camera has a flash?
    The camera has an autofocus?
    The camera is stabilized?
    Can grardare DivX movies / Xvid?
    Advanced search on Heading Contacts?
    Reporting characters on SMS? (careful not to send SMS to 2 mistake …)
    SMS, I can erase 1 or 2? (incredible, if I have to delete all or nothing)
    Explorer for the contents of the cell?
    Feedback tactile?
    Can connect easily to a PC (without Itunes) ?
    Can I edit Word, Exel ?

    Many THX!

    Get a Omnia

    • dino81

      apple is for kids who needs a “gameboy phone” . omnia is for loosers….
      professionals use blackberry :)))

  • Kade

    Apple lovers piss me off. They’ve swallowed the pill and cannot return to normality.

    • Iqbal

      What a Quote , What a Quote Hahahahahahaha a good one for apple lovers

  • emokid

    How annoying are i-phone lovers? i hear them at work: “Look at what my completely and super-radicaly cool and absolutely pure awsomeness i-phone can do”

    not much really, you’d think a company such as apple would put the best technology available on its phones.
    so why have they missed SO MANY THINGS!

    its really funny: when someone tells me how “super cool” their i-phone is, i just say…..
    “Could you please take a movie for me?” unless they are real nerds (and have found some sort of application) that really gets them. NO FACE DETECTION!!! jeez, my nokia 6300i tops this thing in almost every single way!!! wifi….. bluetooth…… (a 2mp camera that can take movies) java and flash enabled…… hell i can even get programs so i can make word docs/spreadsheets etc.
    the only real thing lacking is the touch screen!

    safari…. to put it plainly…. is lame!
    oh yeah! and how much do iphone users have to pay per month just to use these stupid things?!!!! pretty much everything the iphone does revolves around spending money (ALOT of money)

    the really really annoying thing though is that samsung hasnt advertised the omnia as well as they should have (i havent seen an add yet!)

    why has no-one heard of the omnia? it simply trumps the iphone in every department!

    dont make pandas cry: “buy an iphone, sell it for more than you paid, and with that money, buy an omnia.”
    (awwhhhh… what the hell, just buy an omnia!)


  • fabian

    ok, I think what is special about the iphone is the touch screen. Other than that, nothing, it can’t even compete with my nokia 5700 xpressmusic…see, all you iphone owners in the usa, don’t understand that before the iphone, nokia has been delivering outstanding features on its various phone releases her in asia, the iphone? its just an ordinary cell phone and I think it won’t be a hit here in asia, much less the philippines.

  • Viper

    I had Iphone but decided to switch to unlocked phones and found something even better. I honestly can say I was riding the stupid bandwagon of apple. Recently got, Nokia n95-4 $700+ with 2yrs warranty.

    1. Nokia n95-4 8gb
    2. too, and its free Apple newbs, no need to by apps
    3. Live GPS/ Yes you hold your phone toward the sky at a 45degree angle to triangulate or through headset using other devices that can, ie external GPS and not assisted GPS like all other phones and services offer.
    4. 3Rd Party applications, GarminXT
    5. Games-3rd Party-Plays all gameboy advance games. Hacked.Mario Kart Advance to name one, plus Nokia made Ngage…
    6. Wifi-3g QuadBand
    7. 5Megapixel camera on the back-Carl Zeiss ( my 7.2 sony carl zeiss lens costs $432, alone)
    7a. Why do you think I got this, got tired of carrying around camera…….
    8. Another camera lens on the front-making LIVE VIDEO CALLS-I wondered for about half an hour why n95 had two lenses then it occurred to me.
    9. And speaking of other applications..all. NOkia has built in world maps for traveling, even gives city block to block directions if you are walking, do some youtube video search.
    If i wanted a device to have access to internet and doc applications,(which apple newbs seem to think far superior to other devices) then I would sit at home and do some real work on a real computer. In that regard, you have nothing..get a Nokia N95, first if you can afford it.

  • macbaby

    iphone got the hype because it’s marketing. every phone will have finger touch (touchflo, touchwhizz, etc). it’s technology, everybody will adopt it. iphone has very good interface that other phone should follow (simpliness). applications? OSX and WM has many too, also the free ones!

    i live in asia. first, everybody buy iphone, and now they sell it. not everybody like industrial design, nor slick interface.

    i use macbook pro and connecting my i600 to updates ical.

    if somebody like theresa give as silly question about a gadget….it’s gonna be fun seeing others answer.

    iphone has years 2000 technology right? bluetooth (yes a2dp, no file transfer), 3g (yes data transfer, no video call), touchscreen and accelerometer? god, it’s year ago!

    so do not talk about the technology.
    talk beautiful UI and who is ready for web 2.0.

  • William

    I have been considering taking the 3G iphone because it has colourful touch screen (it seems the colour is richer than other phones), games and funny applications. Two days ago one of my clients took a photo of me with his iPhone and he could use his phone changing the size of my face with a fuuny look. I think this was cool. I have read through all the above cmments and the majority of the writers agreed Samsung i900 Onmia is better in terms of functionality. I have to agree with them. I am also aware that if I opt for the iPhone I will need to spend money £79 to buy the iPhone headset because other makes will not work with it. It is a shame because I bought my Motorola H700 headset at beginning of this year. Will my headset work with Samsung i900?

    Before I decide to opt for Samsung i900 instead of 3G iPhone. I would like to see any iPhone supporter able to defend

    Many thanks,


  • bobby

    if its the a bluetooth headset that you’re talking about any phone with bluetooth 2.0 a2dp will support that headset there’s nothing to worry about… just to give you a little advice am selling both iphone and omnia. you have to consider your own preference. if its functionality you’re looking for go for omnia more features and far more powerful hadnset compared to iphone almost in every aspect as mentioned above. the only edge iphone has over the omnia is its UI its faster and easier to use. so it’s really up to you if you value features go for omnia. but if you can sacrifice features for a better interface then go for iphone. hope this helps

  • MBoy

    Notice how Theresa hasn’t replied!! LOL

    iPhones SUCK!! I just got my Omnia and it’s fantastic.

  • raeesa mohammed

    the iphone is the best phone in the whole entire world

  • raeesa mohammed

    iphone rules i want it soooooooo much

  • ayesha mohammed

    the omnia is the best phone ever i am getting it tommorow

  • Ayesha

    HI everyone i would just like 2 say 2 all iphone fans u r insane when the samsung omnia is here yay i am getting it tomorrow!!!! I LOVE IT BYE BYE

    • frd

      I have an omnia and enjoying it beeeeg time
      IPhone was a flop and everyone knows that its only for and IPhone user to admit it

  • Cameron

    omnia sucks iPhone rules I’ve seen many magazine comparisons and that’s way majority says

  • Dom

    well, i’ve read many reviews that say the iPhone is no match for the Omnia.
    I’ve ordered mine, waiting for it now 🙂

  • randy

    I’m not a techno freak but it doesn’t take one to know the difference. I mean U could even see a china made phone that looks like iphone or even has the touch screen of your iphone(they have not really copied evrything but almost what u get from iphone. including tv even).. iphone is just marketing all bark no bite ( or may be there is but a li’l bite)i think the best value for your money is really the omnia.. it really has more functionality that iphone. buying iphone u got the pride maybe.. but deep inside u might be in despair. sorry guys just being practical.

  • Dave

    I’ve jus got a samsung omnia and oh my god, it has got to be the worst phone ive ever owned, had so many problems with it, on my 3rd in less than 2weeks. would avoid them like the plague

  • SunDevil

    i used to own a nokia e66 and it does things pretty well. in fact, it can do far greater things than the iphone can. i sold it and bought an iphone. it lacks a lot of things that i need and want in a smart phone. in fact, it’s not even smart. based from the specs you guys mentioned about the i900 i think that it can do everything. it has all the things that a cellphone owner would want in a smart phone. but i think that the i900 is dull and boring for the reason that it almost got everything in it. if a man owns everything then, there is nothing in this world that he could still possibly want or need. he doesn’t have to work hard to get through his everyday life. isn’t that boring? for me it is…

    that’s what makes the iphone unique and better. the fact that it only contains a little stuff on it makes you crave to hack it, dig deep into it and make more out of it. it makes you feel that you are in control. sure it has it’s short comings but it also has it’s potentials.. it is just waiting for you to hack it, crack it and have fun with it…

    if you buy a samsung i900, life will be easy and straight forward for you… but dull and uninteresting

    if you buy an iPhone, your will spend your time hacking on it and digging deeper to unlock it’s real potential… sounds bad but it will allow you to be all you can be…

    i love my iphone not because of what i have made of it in the past months but more so, i love it because of what it has made of me.. i can find 1,001 reasons to love my iphone but i can’t find a single reason not to…

  • lood

    Well said SunDevil
    To i900 fans, does your phone give you shell with infinite packages though apt debian.
    I’m a webmaster, can I log in to my server with ssh on i900 ?
    Iphone is 16M colors, 320 x 480 pixels, i900 is 65K colors, 240 x 400 pixels
    What about Ipod, heh, can you compare it to wmp ?

  • Etka

    I can easily say that iPhone is for dummies. By the way i’m an electronics engineer and i can say i’m a “Power User*”. Also iPhone is very expensive than omnia here in Turkey.

    *Power user is a marketing term referring to a computer, phone etc. user who seeks and uses products having the most features and the fastest performance.

  • Shel

    I am a big fan of Apple, but doing my homework, I think the Omnia might just be the better phone. Unfortunately, Samsung doesn’t cater for Mac users as far as drivers for your phone. I have a Mac, which may just force me to go the iPhone route. Anyone had any luck interfacing their Omnia with a Mac?

  • Jay

    Shel, my question exactly! So Omnio looks the better deal , it can edit atachments and can be used as a modem, 2 very important things the iPhone can’t do.
    But is the Omnio compatible with Mac?

  • william

    I have bought the Omnia i900 phone a month ago. It is very nice looking and feel good in my palm.

    The phone has all the features and functions I wanted, a great phone. However, I discover an issue which I am not sure it is a problem because I found the system memory is just 92.73MB although it has a nearly upto 8GB memory in the phone.

    I wrote an email to Samsung UK asking them how to either increase the base memory or transfer some of the programs to the 8GB storage but their answer was not helpful. They asked me to use file explorer to move the files to main storage. But it did not work because I could not find the base memory folder for me to transfer files.

    Is there anyone can help?


  • bob

    William! Dont be a lame lama, 8GB is not system memory, it is the size of the storage on the memory card. System memory iz 128MB and you may have 92MB free out of that for the running of the applications.

  • bob

    I do not understand, the debate people go crazy for one or the other. Apple made a totally new approach, what a phone should be, and other manufacturers now realize they missed something. They follow up with the idea that is changing the industry.

    This does not mean iPhone is so so good!

    Apple has always been great with new ideas, new design, approach, but fails deep with everyday usability.
    EG.: Mac OS is the most beautiful, eye-candy packed OS, which may be for one or to specific task like music, but try to use it for different things, with different kind of software for different people. IT is a BIG pain in the BUTT alongside with the too basic safari.

    Same with Iphone, they are the head of the ideas, and the world follows the best idea and design maker, but technically, samsung and nokia will come up following this bright new approach and make the real usable phones for with these features.

    So Iphone is not the big thing but the idea and approach is.

    We users would be the winners is apple woluld be making new ideas and design for selling to the companies that can make good phones and OS.

    Right now we have a choice of nice and intuitive phone with poor camera and a pay-only gps (iPhone) etc. – OR – a usable many function phone with not even close design and screen to the ipone (compeptitors?).

    We have now a choice of nice and intuitive OS (mac) that is useles for multi-type users -OR- we have choice of good OS with crap design.


  • Cherry

    My contract is up with Vodaphone in December, but I can get an Omnia now. I am soooooo confused!! I will be really girly here and say that the iphone looks prettier, but from the reviews above I’m guessing the Omnia is better.

    Will the new generation of iphones have video and how long will that be? Can you change the face of the Omnia to look pretty like the iphone? Can someone please tell me what to do here???? I always seem to get the ‘wrong’ phone and the last hideous piece of crap I had for 18months has driven me insane, but I have refused to change it.

    You may have guessed that I am not a proper techy, so can someone give me their best and honest opinion. iphone or Omnia.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

  • William

    Hi Bob,

    For benefit of other readers, I had taken a contract with Onmia i900 handset.

    Bob, thank you for your advice regarding system memory and storage. I understood it but my question was how would I able to transfer some of files in the system to storage. Onmia is great and has all the functions I needed but I am concerned that the system memory is nearly full now. I do not know whether iPone 3G has the siminar memoory restriction. Is there anyone there know and also solve my problem?



  • Chaosryan

    Sundevil.. ur life is all abt phones? nothing else? i dont see why u get the omnia will lose the meaning of life man.. aim for other stuff than.. why only phones? dull~~ u can aim for better tv.. better computers.. not only phones.. Dude.. get urself into more general stuff.. dots..

  • Ian(SA)

    Well cherry I can c how U can get So confused wit these 2 coz I was 2 bt afta much searchin nd info diggin I hav settled on da Omnia coz simply, it really is da beta phone only a stubborn prsn wil argue dat. I’ve recently ordered mine nd i’ve bn w8n 4 a wk 4 it coz Of de backlog of orders we’re experiencin here in SA. Dis simply shows U dat da Omnia is a beta phone wat ada phone can coz So much craze wit dis lil promotion? NONE!!

  • Jean

    Is it true that the omnia has 8gig internal memory and cums with a 8gig memory card?sa?plz help?

  • Kate

    My Omnia phone comes with 16gb memory and 1gb memory card.

  • Marcelo

    I just would like to know if the Omnia phone are compatible to Mac computers…, what means, I would like to know if it would be possible to synchronize this Samsung devise with a Mac Book pro, including e-mails, phone addresses and so on.

    Thank you very much.


    • feezy89

      i’m now samsung omnia i900 user…..i found thid phone is great….all in one gadget…. every time i back from work the first thing i done is looking for my omnia…. it has 16gb storage….many videos and musics can be store in this phone…. i really can change user interface to become likes iphone….so it can anything….huhu…..sound great,iphone 3gs…but it not very powerfull…since got 3.2 camera with no flash, huh… also expensive…….

  • wilsonces

    Simple question. is the i900 compatible with a mac.
    I was looking at the iphone but went for the n95. (Good phone) But it does crash and freeze sometimes.
    Apple were so keen to get the iphone out to the market (before others released their touch phones,) they skipped doing updates to their product, keeping up with the tech.
    The i900 is a better product (let’s be honest) but can it be supported on a Mac platform ?

    Kade, not all mac users and pill poppers.

  • Wigley

    Okay, first off… I’ve just been and read every one of the posts here…
    And I’ve also had arguments with Apple loving iPhone owners. About 75% of all the iPhone users I know have changed their mind about it after 3-5 weeks… they start off saying that it’s the greatest phone out and that they would recommend it to anyone, then realise it’s a baby’s toy and sell it on eBay. However, all the Apple obsessed dorks I talk to just say ‘Omnia is shit, iPhones are the best!’ and that’s basically what all the posts here are like…

    Look, if you’re going to argue one side, you can’t just say ‘you suck, you don’t know what you’re talking about’ you actually have to explain how it is that you’re right… like how the Samsung Omnia supporters have been doing…

    Personally, there is no question… The iPhone is like one of em lame plastic toys you get at ‘Toys r Us’ where it’s all colourful, and you have big colourful buttons and when you press them, a song plays or something lame like that… The Omnia is like a really good, super small computer, close-to-fully customisable in ever way and super duper more powerful… If anyone is still questioning which they should go for… Omnia


  • maya

    hey babez… i’ve juz gotten my omnia 2weeks ago.. can say that omnia is much better den iphone… but still i tot of buyin iphone so i can own both phones.. i luv both!!
    pointless arguing… juz buy both dudes..!

  • bryan paul

    I had iPhone-3G 3 months ago. Well, I threw away some money out of that great pretender unit. iPhone is nothing but an expensive mp3 player. Now, I have an Omnia, my first Samsung unit. I’m telling you, the pain I suffered from losing some money after being duped into buying an iPhone is history. Omnia is everything more than an iPhone. It feels like having a pc with calling capabilities. It’s something that I can be without my laptop. That iPhone 3G was my last unit from Apple, never again!!!!

  • marko

    omnia yeah
    I was looking for a good deal on iPhone… but no… faith has brought me an Omnia.
    my PC can rest now

  • Scarlet

    well my ENEMY has the omnia, and im gettin the iPhone i think the iPhone is much better, dont listen the omnia scratches easier and is a loadsa S**T anywho. Buy the iPhone 3G its much better and faster than the omnia.

    peace out.

  • Callum

    This Girl i know is getting the iPhone and ive tried to tell her its really bad but she just wont listen i mean the omnia is ace i mean the iphone hanst got bluetooth
    She reckons that the iPhones good i mean come on
    its cameras really bad and to be honest it’ll like fall apart if u drop it and the omnia doesnt even scratch .
    so to Scarlet:) you should know that the omnia is actually the best phone ever created and the iphone sucks ass

  • Scarlet


  • Callum

    Wow thats sad u actually look on YouTube so see if ur iphones good
    im actually shocked:-|
    well not really i would expect it of u scarlet:)

    and actually iPhone is
    h-Hope they all break
    o-oh so awful
    n-never get one

    n-New Phone

    and whatever the box is crap its like plastic and absolutyley worthless:)
    the iphones over rated

  • Maga

    People just 2 days ago i bought Samsung OMnia its AWSOME ! ITS like xp functions . Olso its have 16 gb Phone memory and 4 gb flesh card . Iphon is littl bit bouring . My friend had it its very embarasing ……….

  • mike

    all cums down to windows vs apple and once again mr gates proves that its better, luks feels and IS better in evryway , plus u can get the iphone theme if u wanted so if u have a windows computer then y woould u want a apple phone

  • Jermaine

    Ok ok ok Im just a person that stumbled across this site and mmmaaaaannnnn this stuff about the iPhone is amazingly inaccurate!!!

    my iPhone 3g is well…. Almost everything I could ask for in a phone– but well the camera could be better like 5.0 I mean that’s just great for a phone.. And also it could be a bit more open but look….

    WHEN YOU UNLOCK AN IPHONE 3g or original… You are opening the power of the iPhone.. So yes you can change everything down to whatever you want your carrier to be.. I set mine at my last name just to show ownership..

    100s of themes to change look when’re you want
    A finder app to go deep into your iPhones system
    Video recorder
    Voice recorders from app store
    100s of games even playstation gameboy adv, nes, saga emulators with 1000s of games.. Mine has a total of 250 games(that I legally own) all on my iPhone easy and nice to play.
    Manage bank accounts and see pie charts of money spent
    Down load almost anything I want from the Internet from my iPhone.

    Ha even get this— my Internet on my iPhone through tmobile… I can just plug my iPhone up to my computer and use it like a wireless flash.. All I had to do is download an application.
    And if I wanted my iPhone to look like the “rad” omnia… Yes I can get a theme and one two three my iPhone will look and function like it.. I haven’t done it yet but I knownits possible- cause I did it for the blackberry storm cause I wanted to see how it looked and it went great.

    The one thing I haven’t seen thisniphonw do is fly… Now when you get it with AT&T and just keep it there qoute me on this ” it sucks so much it’s terrible boring and a joke to phones whatsoever!!!” I mean it. But unlocked…. Jailbroken….. It is the only and last phone you’ll probably need… Other than needing a freaking iTunes account or download just to sync music though… That sucks too.

    I’m just saying… Take time to see what people what done to the iPhone and then you’ll see that it’s a pocket mac right in your hands.

    • Shehryar

      Listen all!!!

      OMNIA rules in all aspects. take a look at these features, not mentioned above

      1. FM STEREO RADIO RECORDING of ur fav programs
      2. You can download or play direct the YOUTUBE videos
      3. 5 MP camera with crisp clarity
      4. Microsoft Office Suite compatibility.

      now thats what I call COOOOOOOOOL.

  • Jermaine

    Also yes mms, voice gps( my own little created app), and the camera can do this picture perfect stuff with motion sensors.
    So well omnia…. It’s cool it’s nice.. It’s fancy too… Womderfull camera… nice for business I guess…… But when it comes down to which is better……. Sorry omnia lovers but take a closer look to unlocked iPhones… There a mobile computer first and a phone last. And also if you wondering why you have to hack to get all the true iPhone feature it’s because apple coorporates are evil….. And I’m still going to apply for a job in the developement department to make all these thing I have come standard on the iPhone so people won’t be left out

  • Wigley

    So, you empty your wallet, bank accounts, sell everything you own and use the cash to buy a child’s toy with pretty colorful buttons only to have to hack the damn thing to get access to any of the half decent features. And it still has shit camera, and a battery that will eventually wear out and suck shit, when you find that you can’t get to it… hmm… smart? So you then sell two thirds of all your blood and vital organs so that you can afford to send it off to apple so they can replace the battery for you…

    Hang on… doesn’t the Omnia have FIVE MEGAPIXEL camera and a battery you can replace whenever you damn well feel like it? And you get both of those features right outta the box, rather then having to hack shit for all 😛 And that thing about getting themes for the iPhone to look like the Omnia… the Omnia can do the same to look like the iPhone… AND IT’S CHEAPER!!!!

  • Emir

    Hahaha! Well said wigley. You made a point. Nice! It made me even realize that omnia is the best phone compared to iphone. I’m going to get the omnia next week. Oh and btw, omnia is truly cheaper than the overrated expensive iphone.

  • PAUL

    iPhone is nothing but hype. I had one, I eBayed it and got an Omnia. It’s indeed a very nice baby. Apple should just focus on what it does best: SELL MP3 PLAYERS AND MUSIC OVER iTUNES. And leave the smartphone business to the Japanese, Koreans, Canadians and the Finns.

  • David

    The whole point of these phones is 1. To replace my having to carry around more than one device and 2. To be able to work remotely when I need to. So for the first a nice camera with good video saves me from having to bring a camera and for 2. I need wifi, skype, ssh, and (what I can’t do with a phone.. gotomeeting). So for now I have to bring a eeePC with an air card in the mythical situation where I ski next to a 3g tower.

    But Nokia is catching. Up.

    Next.. How to send “ESC” command in VI in SSH through your phone?

  • chuck

    as ive read all the c0mments, its clear en0ugh that omnia is better than iph0ne, well, iph0ne, n0 txt, n0 vide0 call, n0 vide0 rec0rding, battery n0t replacesable s0 if damage u have t0 buy new iph0ne,unless s0me1 can fix 4u,als0 2mp camera, i d0nt understnd why apple did n0t make a g0od c0mpetiti0n t0 other smartph0nes bc0z n0w a days s0me has 8mp already s0 why n0t c0mpete? 0nly g0od thng is the bg screen and the t0uchng thng spclly pinchng pictures wich is c0oL, maybe if iph0ne has all of these features that it d0esnt hve, i thnk he can c0mpete with samsung c0z apple is well kn0wn, well since iph0ne d0nt have there features whch omnia has.definitely and its clear en0ugh that omnia 0wned iph0ne!! Iph0ne n0 match!

  • Hatinsane

    im working for samsung, and i tell u that the player addict(omnia) is a good phone.

  • wkd_fella


    u guys are so fussed bwt des two killa instincts, wel 2b honest was seekin 2 get a good deal wit an ifone but boy o boy luk at dis monsta it got it ol in wun, u lads n ladeis can buy anythin buh trust me on dis can’t get a sikkk fone lik dis OMNIA, its mint m8 and wot dat ova fella mentioned fm rec, face detection in a mob cam n uncountable features, cant w8 to get wun, wil recommend to ol my blokes


  • Bob

    Apple Sucks
    Windows Mobile Sucks more

    For the love of GOD when will someone make a freaking phone that works as a phone always vs. just sometimes!

  • Wigley

    Samsung i8910 Omnia HD…
    No Apple, no windows mobile…

    8MP Camera, HD video capturing, 3.7inch AMOLED Screen…

  • tanil

    samsung omnia isssss better than iphonen iphone suck
    omnias baterry can be renew i phones cant
    omnias camera 5 iphones camera2
    omnia has a bluetooth iphone does not have one…

  • jhan

    like some others, ive stumbled into this conversation and its quite interesting how people argue or defend or fight over their choice of sure thing i know is that as a consumer we have reasons why we buy something, its either we need it or we want it..

    we have choices and preferences, we follow what makes us feel good or what is the trend or simply because its a necessity..ive never had an i phone or omnia, i wud say im a nokia addict, simply bec im used to the pattern of thinking of getting an iphone or omnia too..but whtevr wud be my choice its not bec of what other people say about the product..but bec i love having it. period.

    ive got friends who are so into their iphones and their omnias too..each phone has its edge over the other, whats impt is that it gives us the kind of ‘fun’ and ‘quality’ as per our perception and expectation. if we it doesnt meet our expectation, if we can afford to have another phone then we can always dump our old phones and get a new one..and we can have as many phones as we want..

    iphone has established a name worldwide, first to introduce of this kind of technology..a well versed package of ‘everything is here’..a very good edge will be the very good interface..

    Omnia on the otherhand came late and had a blast of comparison of course and branded to be ‘trying to be like iphone’..with samsung being the manufacturer, consumers opt for this phone for so many reasons, out of curiosity, getting interested with its features, bec of thorough research, would not want a common phone, its the recent trend..and so many reasons..others choose it simply bec samsung has been proven to be genuis with the art of defining quality in their final products, whether televisions,audio-video, cameras, computers, printers or home applicances..

    as for me, im still having second thoughts of going for this technology, after all, its always a matter of choice, like i said, its between need and want..if one day id badly need it..the final choice will always be the time i approach the cashier..right? 🙂

  • Melisa

    I don’t have an iPhone & have never used one. And have been completely unhip to the use of ANY touch phone until now.
    But with my Verizon plan’s New Every 2 Upgrade, I BOUGHT my OMNIA for just $50 (online). I didn’t look into the iPhone, I’ll admit. But because I needed to streamline my expenses and increase my capabilities – for home, travel, and day-to-day use – I did a considerable amount of research and determined that the OMNIA was THE device to meet my needs.
    It’s exceeded my expectations.
    AND it can CREATE Word and Excel files, in the event I lose use of my laptop (& can’t afford to replace it).

  • dino81

    Omnia = Toyota Corolla
    iphone = Ferrari
    Bold = Rolls-Royce lifestyle…

  • drunkenmonkey

    Omnia all the way……i have one now….and man……u learn something new everyday…..limitless functions…im actually carrying a laptop in my palm and it has good battery life too…u can tweak the phone in a million ways and make it ur bitch….plus mines an 8gb internal memory and has a 16gb microSDHC..totalling 24GB……iphone users can eat my dust….

  • tylerjames_omnia

    ok heres the solution

    buy an Omnia and an iPod touch

    you get all of omnias features and a multitouch screen

    and you can hack the ipod so it does everything the iphone does and you dont pay per month

    i have an omnia and a 1st gen touch and om perfectly happy

  • Brij

    1. Remote desktop apps like real vnc?
    2. Mutilple codecs to play all files?
    3. Different browsers compatible?
    4. Smart reader to recoginize visting cards or Docs?
    5. Face and smile detection, image stabilization, wide dynamic range?
    6. Personalize all sound and notifications?
    7. For Domain Enroll?
    8. Tweak system performance with reg. files?
    9. CDMA network support?
    10. LED Flash lite utility?
    11. Memory Expansion with card slots?
    12. Class 12 (4+1/3+2/2+3/1+4 slots), 32 – 48 kbps GPRS?
    13. Stereo FM radio with RDS?

    If all this will become possible with iphone i will purchase.

  • Frane

    where can i instal games on omnia that are not java ones… cuz java games suck i wanna know if u can play games on omnia similar to those on iphone

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