Most smartphone consumers looking to buy iPhone 3G, says report

We can’t wait for the iPhone 3G to hit market, and it seems most of the US smartphone consumer market is thinking along those same lines. RBC Capital Markets has just released the results of a study that indicates a majority of consumers in the market for a new smartphone are seriously considering the iPhone 3G as their handset of choice.

The study, which surveyed 3,600 RBC Technology Adoption Panel members after Apple’s iPhone 3G unveiling at WWDC earlier this month, showed that a full 56% of mobile consumers looking to buy a new smartphone in the next 90 days planned to buy and iPhone 3G after its July 11 launch.

The results offer a glimpse in to the blooming smartphone market in the US. Just this past March, RBC conducted a similar survey to estimate potential iPhone 3G interest. The study was conducted prior to Apple revealing the surprisingly low iPhone 3G price-point – and showed that only 35% of consumers planned to buy the iPhone 3G.

It seems that the $199 admission price for the iPhone 3G-show has hit a sweet spot among consumers. With an entry-level iPhone 3G costing little more than a few tanks of premium gas, interest has increased significantly.

iPhone 3G interest

And, more encouraging for Apple, the RBC study showed that only 23% of smartphone buyers were waiting it out for a new BlackBerry handset in the next 90 days. Palm limped in with a 3% planned buying-share. HTC, Nokia, and Samsung managed to swing 2% of the votes their way, while Motorola barely managed to convince 1% of respondents that theirs was the smartphone to own.

So, the iPhone 3G is set to take the US smartphone market by storm – that much is clear – but why? The lower price-point and faster 3G data access were indicated as the most compelling reasons to buy the Apple handset, with 67% and 63% of survey respondents indicating such aspects as most-important in their buying-decision. The addition of GPS was listed as most-important to 47% of survey participants, while 35% and 20% place a premium on enterprise support and third-party applications, respectively.

Will the iPhone 3G deliver on the hype in the US? Most definitely – and probably more so than the first go-around with the original iPhone. Will the iPhone 3G make as big a splash overseas? Probably, but only time will tell.

[Via: Electronista]

  • Raidium

    I agree, waste of money…

  • Zak

    I’ll consider the iphone

    I’m just soo pissed at Nokia grrrr!!! my xenon flash cover broke and Nokia Call center reps are basically a bunch of un-educated minimum wage workers!

    I have to call the “Hong Kong” Nokia customer support line in order to find out what to do to get my phone repaired… (I don’t speak chinese)

  • Zak

    If anyone lives in the Vancouver area and wants to make a quick buck, let me know!

  • Raidium

    See, I would consider the iPhone, but you know how it is with the whole “on bad experience is enough to ruin something for someone for life” I’m not a fan of Apple. Like the statement above, bad experiences…

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