So it took that part of the world long enough to figure out voicemail is ludicrous


Mike Arrington, you know, the cock of the walk behind Tech Crunch who can make or break startups depending on how many shots of vanilla flavoring the high school girl with botox in her face and an orange tan working the pumps at Starbucks decided to bestow upon him earlier that morning, has made a declaration that voicemail is dead and is attempting to persuade everyone to stop using it.

Techmeme is going ape shit and if there was anything news worthy happening this weekend then trust me, I’d be talking about that instead.

Hello and welcome to 1999 Mike! I should be so lucky to live in a country [Finland] where quite a large portion of people text you before they call to find out if you are free to speak. It isn’t a Finnish thing either, back when I was in Junior High School and my friends couldn’t reach me, they just left a text message. The fact that you have to limit your thoughts to 160 characters makes trimming the bullshit and eliminating the small talk absolutley priceless and a boon for productivity.

When my mom figured out that I wasn’t listening to her voicemails, she started texting.

When my boss figured out that I liked to work from my local cafe or library, he started texting.

Maybe something didn’t click in the Valley, maybe when Mr. Jobs showed off visual voicemail you thought “wow, that’s pretty awesome”, but the reality of the situation is voicemail died a long long time ago and if you just got the memo now then I guess you must’ve run out of companies that broadcast your micro lifestream with revolutionary new forms of social media that break paradigms and are funded by semantic contextual advertising to write about.

(I kid you Mike, hope you’re having a great 3 day weekend)

  • Dmatt

    Now I wonder why an article like this took so long to show up 😉

    I wondered about this very issue too, then I stop caring. I didn’t get why people yelled at comment pages on other phones other than the iPhone about “how come this one doesn’t have visual voicemail” . I never understood it, and I probably never will.

    Voicemail is useless, if someone is not answering and you need urgent attention, what’s the use of a stored crappy quality missunderstandable puzzled monologue? Texting is much better, clear and to the spot if you want to.

    Oh well.

  • Manu


  • Micky

    It is very true indeed.!

    I too live in Finland.! Where about do you live Stefan?

    I live in Kuopio.!



  • Meraj Chhaya

    I can’t really say that, voicemail is still useful for me. Whenever I’m not in reach, people use my voicemail, and I get back to them. Some of them do SMS me, but others use voicemail. It’s half-half to me. I believe it’s quite subjective

  • foobar

    I suppose voicemail is useful on seriously underdeveloped telecom markets. Which means US (and Canada?) where most people are not used to text messages like everybody else. For everybody else, its usefulness (and certainly its bragging value) is highly questionable…

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